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  • He’s never tried a case. He condemned women’s rights and diversity. He refused to answer senators’ questions. He may be tied up in Trump's Ukraine scandal. Senate Republicans just confirmed Steven Menashi to be a lifetime federal judge anyway. - Jennifer Bendery
  • Steven Menashi played a leading role in designing an illegal effort to deny debt relief to thousands of students swindled by for-profit colleges That fact that President Trump is rewarding him with a lifetime appointment to the federal bench is appalling - Chuck Schumer
  • NEW: Leon Cooperman has responded to Elizabeth Warren's ad. "She’s disgraceful. She doesn’t know who the f--- she’s tweeting. I gave away more in the year then she has in her whole f----ing lifetime” he just told me. - Brian Schwartz
  • The Senate confirmed Steven Menashi to be a lifetime federal judge even though he has never tried a case in court and has a record of inflammatory writing about women's rights and diversity. - HuffPost
  • JUST IN: Every Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee just voted to advance Steven Menashi's nomination to a lifetime seat on a US circuit court. - Jennifer Bendery
  • Sally Field told @taffyakner that Tom Hanks is so good that it actually makes her feel bad. She calls him “Once in a lifetime Tom.” - The New York Times
  • Surfers in California were in for the view of a lifetime when they went out to catch some waves—and encountered a huge whale weaving through the water below. - ABC News
  • Good morning! Today the Senate will vote to make this guy, Steven Menashi, 40, a lifetime federal judge. - Jennifer Bendery
  • @Harry_Styles is the first-ever back-to-back #bigfitoftheday king - GQ Magazine
  • At the DOE, Steven Menashi was instrumental in devising an "illegal Education Department effort" to deny debt-relief to students who had been scammed by for-profit colleges. Now, he's nominated for lifetime seat on the bench. It's time to #stopmenashi. - Legal Defense Fund
  • A Manhattan judge cited a new bail law when releasing a drug dealer who faces 96 years in prison if convicted. The suspect proclaimed “Cuomo for president” as he left the courtroom, ignoring his lawyer who tried to get him to stay quiet. - New York Daily News
  • Manhattan judge (who was an excellent public defender previously), "lamented that 'the legislature has determined that incarceration is not appropriate for a narcotics defendant facing a lifetime in prison.'" #bailreform - Daniel R. Alonso
  • For those lucky to witness #sachintendulkar bat at the Brabourne Stadium against Australia in 1998 that day, it was an unforgettable experience. A special innings from a special player and memories of a lifetime. | By @jigsactin - Firstpost Sports
  • Trump's controversial judicial nominee Steven Menashi was just confirmed to a lifetime court appointment - Newsweek
  • What I’m trying to say, is that the bullets on Saturday night were not the first state-sanctioned weapon to hurt #kumanjayiwalker. They were the last, propped up by a violent system that has cost 424 First Nations peoples their lives in my lifetime alone - Sophie Trevitt
  • Sessions praises Trump on Fox News: "Better than almost any president in my lifetime" - The Hill
  • Billionaire Rips Warren: ‘I Gave Away More In The Year Than She Has In Her Whole F***ing Lifetime’ - The Daily Wire
  • Scientists in 2017: Venice will be underwater within a century if #climatechange isn't slowed 2019: - Torrance Coste
  • Jennifer Aniston thanked the cast of 'Friends' and the audience for all the love they showered on her. #jenniferaniston #friends - ET Panache


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