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  • Superstar German DJ 'permanently banned' from China for liking a 'South Park' tweet - Joe Rogan
  • From Jack White to Ariana Grande, musical stars have signaled a liking for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders - CNN
  • NBC News: African Americans are homophobic. That’s the only explanation for them not liking this gay white man running for President. My heavens — the intersectional victim-class hierarchy is going to destroy this country. Shame on those who promote it - Benny
  • #superjunior’s #choisiwon Apologizes After “Liking” Tweet About Hong Kong Demonstrations - Soompi
  • After liking a #southpark tweet, #zedd got banned from China - billboard
  • Man stabs wife to death over her liking for #hrithikroshan, hangs himself - Hindustan Times
  • “Their voters, we’re already seeing, aren’t liking it… We’re running ads in those districts and we’re going to hold those candidates responsible.” [email protected] - GOP
  • I'm liking John Hewson more & more each time he writes. "Morrison..operates without a longer-term strategy for government. He identifies issues on which to focus in each parliamentary sitting week with the sole, unabashed purpose of wedging Labor" - ShiannonCorcoran
  • After rapper T.I. said he goes to a gynecologist every year with his daughter to check if she's still a virgin, 18-year-old Deyjah Harris has been liking tweets critical of him. - HuffPost
  • #new We have matched up county-level preferences for music genres with 2016 election results and have found the key data that capture the cultural currents that made Obama supporters flip to Donald Trump: liking hard rock music. THREAD. - G. Elliott Morris
  • Boeing Shaped a Law to Its Liking. Weeks Later, a 737 Max Crashed. (Via ⁦@Nataliekitro⁩ ⁦@dgelles⁩ ⁦@nytimes⁩) - Jon Ostrower
  • We are in the top ten on so many 'World's Best,' lists, it's almost embarrassing. I guess that's why conservatives want to change it, because Canadians don't suffer enough for their liking. Vote! - Danika Dragomir
  • William Hague’s 2001 manifesto was called “Time for common sense” ”Common sense” is a phrase which will now be ringing in our ears for the rest of this campaign but not to the Tories’ liking. it’s these sorts of moments which can define elections. - Lewis Goodall
  • How are you liking the new faces of season three of The Crown? --> - Vogue.fr
  • I'm trying to imagine the teacher who gets reported to the principal for refusing to intervene to correct students for calling someone by a (not mean, just not to his mother's liking) nickname. - Linda Holmes
  • “Wake up Britain: #liarjohnson’s fraud. He’s the worst of us, & he’s taking you for a ride. You may think options open to you in this election aren’t entirely to your liking. Me neither, but I’ll be voting least worst option: anti-Tory.” #votetactically - Cornish Skipper ☂️#VoteForARemainer☂️🇪🇺🕷
  • So Mike Huckabee filed a complaint with the Florida bar against a lawyer for his mild Twitter barbs (or even liking or retweeting other peoples’ Twitter barbs), and it’s thin-skinned whiny garbage for which he should be mocked ruthlessly - Peter Bonilla
  • Document gets leaked to Russia. Labour find it Radio 4 push the anti-Labour/pro-russia narrative #honeypot - Randall McMurphy #StopTheCoup, #GTFTO #VoteLabour
  • He's surely the perfect modern #labour supporter. Rich, employment funded by those less fortunate and London based. No surprise really. - chris thorley