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  • In what world is naming an lipgloss Underage a good idea? - The Guardian
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  • A toddler in Greenbelt, Maryland decided to switch up her look at the expense of her mom’s lip glosses. Her mom caught the 18-month-old red-handed smearing the lipgloss across her face while checking herself out in the mirror. - ABC News
  • Much has been written about Goop’s founder and the pseudoscience on its website, but most media accounts of it are missing something big: Goop is a luxury fashion company using health anxiety to attract aspirational customers like Chanel uses lipgloss. - Amanda Mull
  • William Gumede doesn't sugercoat or lipgloss facts. He tells it like it is: "Traumatized black voters perpetuate their own poverty" - Khulani Qoma
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  • Best fashion icon ever: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on why lipgloss is a feminist issue- - Vanessa Friedman
  • "F*ck Trump" lipgloss isn't just making a statement — it's donating to women's charities - Mic
  • #cbb: Bobby Davro SLAMS Farrah Abraham 'No lipgloss will disguise the ugliness inside you' - Daily Star
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  • So, the latest #cbb nominations were awks: 'No lipgloss will disguise the ugliness inside you' - Daily Star
  • Only just seen this - it's great writing MT "@HadleyFreeman: the strange (& stupid) case of the "Underage" lipgloss - Jenny Drew
  • Fall is in full swing, and it's time to refresh your lipstick and lipgloss collection! Try these for a perfect pout: - HollywoodLife
  • #superbugs identified in #beauty products ... | #ecoli | #bacteria | #fungi | #makeup | #cosmetics | #mascara | #lipgloss | #staphylococcus | #contamination | #sponges | #infections | #skin | #sepsis | #lipsticks | #eyeliners | Via @DailyMailUK - Microbes.info