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  • New: Security researchers have found new flaws in 5G (and 4G) which can be used to track a phone's location and spoof emergency alerts. - Zack Whittaker
  • Treasure hunters in Scandinavia have recovered dozens of cases of cognac and liqueur from an unusual location: 250 feet under the surface of the Baltic Sea - The New York Times
  • NEW: US intelligence says a landmark Supreme Court decision last year led it to stop collecting your phone’s location data without a warrant. But — and there’s always a but in such cases — it’s not ruling out doing so in the future. - Spencer Ackerman
  • Oh hey, I'm actually a co-author on BOTH these papers. Punch-line is that the orbital data for Jezero crater point to lots of interesting mineralogy - can't wait to land with Mars2020 and find out if we are right! - Dr. Elena Amador-French
  • "Kaepernick simply asks for a transparent and open process which is why a new location has been selected for today." Colin Kaepernick moved his workout on Saturday after the NFL denied his request to allow media members into the event - Sports Illustrated
  • Colin Kaepernick did not show up for NFL workout, switches location at last minute for media to watch and videotape - The Denver Post
  • EXCLUSIVE: U.S. intelligence agencies have stopped collecting cell-phone location data without a warrant on people inside the United States - The Daily Beast
  • Starbucks opened its world's largest Roastery in Chicago today. The five-story location is 35,000 square feet, overtaking the Tokyo Roastery as Starbucks' biggest location. - CNN
  • Shockingly, at the... location that was monitored, only three out of the 140 cars sampled were travelling at, or under, the 30kmh limit. At one of the urban residential locations, which is a 30kmh zone, we recorded a vehicle travelling at 67kmh. More here - RSA Ireland
  • Great location for what is sure to be an exciting debate. Can’t wait! - Eric Garcetti
  • This is frightening! Information about thousands of oil and gas spills across Saskatchewan has been put into one convenient location by a group of researchers at the University of Regina. - Marc Spooner
  • “It was both a destination for tourists and it was also our hub, and so we wanted to keep it close to the theater district.” - @Lin_Manuel Thrilled to announce that we found a new home one block south of our old location and will re-open in Spring 2020! - Drama Book Shop
  • Colin Kaepernick got his wish to bring some transparency to his NFL workout on Saturday, as media will now be allowed to cover the event, which has been moved to a different location in the Atlanta area and pushed back an hour. - San Francisco Chronicle
  • Portability of #pds ration cards would be of great help to the migrant population in collecting the supplies from any location across India. One nation, one ration card: Inside food ministry's ambitious scheme to make ration cards portable - Avik Sarkar
  • From court this week, the deposition of the former black site interpreter is going forward on a secret date in a secret location -- with no provision for the defendants to watch remotely, consult with their lawyers. My story on the strange saga here, - Carol Rosenberg
  • Burger King is testing 3 new Impossible burgers at 180 locations in the US - Business Insider
  • Kaepernick Works Out For NFL Teams, Moved Locations So Media Could Attend - CBS Chicago
  • Frankfort Police: Woman Robbed At ATM, Taken To Other Locations For More Money - CBS Chicago
  • One nation, one ration card: Food ministry's ambitious scheme to make ration cards portable! "What about automation of ration shops, #epos devices for biometric authentication & tracking current location of migrant workers for avoiding duplication?" - Rukshmani kumari


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. . . I had visited there to enjoy hot springs with my best friends before I came to Australia. It’s one of the unforgettable memories that with them. Nowadays, sometimes I remem...

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