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  • The Washington Post' hatred for one of the most elegant, beautiful and patriotic first ladies is a disgrace. - Jeanine Pirro
  • "More than a silly fashion folly, the coat is a distraction - a discomforting affectation taken to a ludicrous extreme. In a video intended to celebrate the welcoming spirit of the holiday season, that simple flourish exudes cold, dismissive aloofness." - Robin Givhan
  • Petty ⁦@RobinGivhan⁩ demeans fashion by being political to the end: “Trump’s Christmas decorations are lovely, but that coat looks ridiculous.” - Laura Ingraham
  • My sweet and lovely wife @mariskreizman taught me how to be better at having enemies, and I wrote about it. - Josh Gondelman
  • Boris Johnson branded children of single mothers 'ignorant and illegitimate' What a lovely man, and leader of the country, Rab C. Nesbit in Eton clothing! Let's get him out we deserve better than this! #votelabour - The Laffterman #GTTO 🌹#EngineOfHope
  • He was a lovely fellow, a real gentleman. I remember my mother avidly reading Nicholas and Alexandra when I was nine or ten; decades later I worked with Bob on its sequel, The Romanovs. Goodbye to him. - Benjamin Dreyer
  • I wonder if Johnson called press conference to a sudden close when he heard his pal Trump was toddling home today in a huff after he thought ppl were mocking him earlier? Trump's cancelled his final press conference, Johnson follows suit. Lovely couple - Kate Degerdon- #FBPE Democracy in Unity
  • Such a lovely night. With all the nicest people... - Mike Carlton
  • The Last Days of August gets a lovely mention in @TIME. They're right: it could have been bad. It was quite the struggle to make it good. So it's v nice to be on end of year lists. Not sure the accompanying photo quite captures the tone or story though. - jon ronson
  • Swamped by work, one couple reclaimed the space in their west Cork guesthouse — and, with three children, it was perfect - Sunday Times Ireland
  • What a LOVELY person!! - Alex Naser-Hall
  • BBC News - Restored 100-year-old RAF bear keeps 'lovely, wonky smile' - Pippa Ettore
  • Lovely gesture from Trent, Henderson and the whole squad - Sean Bradbury
  • Lovely read to kick off Thanksgiving: How befriending Mister Rogers’ widow allowed me to learn the true meaning of his legacy - Seema
  • I've gotten multiple messages asking if I'm doing Dancing With The Stars but that's the lovely @sinocarroll - this is what I'll be up to while she's cha'cha'ing - Sinead O'Carroll
  • I'm raising my kid alone, since he was born it's just been the two of us, and he's a lovely polite little boy who is caring and considerate towards others. He's bright and works hard at school and very happy. I couldn't be more proud. - Carly Beattie
  • Philip Pullman says Britain has reached a point where ‘stupidity is indistinguishable from wickedness’ ‘Helminthic’, what a rather lovely adjective for Johnson. - alex kovaleski🕷🔶🕷#FBPE #StopBrexit #RevokeA50
  • Lovely article "The Jeremy Corbyn I met 35 years ago was all about solidarity. He was the ordinary one who has grown as a leader despite everything that has been thrown at him. He is asking us to join in building a society full of decency and love." - Chelley Ryan 🖐️ #VoteLabour
  • [email protected] Opens Up About Having Kids with Nick Jonas After 'Lovely' Anniversary - Priyanka-Chopra.us


Elegance is not being noticed, it is about being remembered. You don’t have to wear the loudest ou

Elegance is not being noticed, it is about being remembered. You don’t have to wear the loudest outfit, or show the most skin, or try so hard for attention, elegance comes from r...