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  • They met in 1943 as Jewish inmates at Auschwitz. They knew they would be separated but they planned a life together, a future outside of the concentration camp. When they were finally reunited 72 years later, he had one question to ask her. - The New York Times
  • Hard to find the words for this. Extraordinary story. - Shaun Walker
  • Thank you!! Digital went up this morning. - Keren Blankfeld
  • Every single part of this story is incredible and the kicker broke me - Adam Serwer🍝
  • Oh, what a story. “On their last afternoon together, before Mr. Wisnia left her apartment, she asked him to sing to her. He took her hand and sang her the Hungarian song she taught him in Auschwitz. He wanted to show her that he remembered the words.” - Meridith McGraw
  • Read it. Sit in silence for a while. - Boris Zilberman
  • Attention, animal lovers: The spcaLA is waiving adoption fees for dogs, cats and rabbits THIS Saturday - ABC7 Eyewitness News
  • “[I want to] challenge myself with new things and at the same time keep giving my fans something to connect to.” Here's why @taylorswift13's #loverfest will be her next big step. #bbwomeninmusic - billboard
  • Wow wow wow...this story. “She held up her hand to display five fingers. Her voice was loud, her Slovakian accent deep. ‘I saved you five times from bad shipment,’ she said.” - Bianna Golodryga
  • More than 500,000 Animal Lovers Sign Petition Asking NFL to Remove Michael Vick from the Pro Bowl - People
  • Rolling Stone ranked All 153 of Taylor Swift's Songs including Lover songs. Top 5 1. All Too Well 2. New Romantics 3. Cruel Summer 4. Delicate 5. Lover Link: - Taylor Swift Facts
  • "Manipulative" woman arranged for two lovers to compete for her in "medieval duel," murder trial hears - Newsweek
  • A deeply personal story against the backdrop of tragedy. What a read. So many stories we will never know. So many we must never forget. - Dan Rather
  • This story is heartbreaking, beautiful, and human. As the generation that survived the Holocaust grows older, and as anti-Semitism spreads around the world, it is more important than ever to hear these stories, and remember. - Julián Castro
  • Lovers in Auschwitz, Reunited 72 Years Later. He Had One Question. Was she the reason he was alive today? - Auschwitz Memorial
  • See @TaylorSwift13's performance of #lover on #strictlycomedancing - billboard
  • Meerut: Muslim girl converts to Hinduism to marry her lover, accuses relatives of threatening to burn her alive - OpIndia.com
  • TripAdvisor called this Vermont city a ‘must-see’ for craft beer lovers - Boston.com
  • Looking for the best gifts to give this holiday season? @TorontoStar recommends Joni Mitchell's 'Morning Glory on the Vine' for the culture-lover in your life: - Raincoast Books