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  • Australia is burning. Downtown Sydney was partially evacuated due to the smoke. Ferry service was cancelled due to low visibility. Fire alarms are randomly going off inside buildings. Schools are keeping children inside. This is a climate emergency. - Eric Holthaus
  • CNN Hits Three-Year Ratings Low Amid Impeachment Drama - #goodnightvienna ⁦@DailyCaller⁩ - Devin Nunes
  • CNN Hits Three-Year Ratings Low! Well deserved for a network that engages in selective character assassinations. I can’t count the number of lies they reported on me or ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩! - Rudy Giuliani
  • Prepare yourselves. Low rise jeans are coming - The Cut
  • Womp womp - Stephanie Hamill
  • As a crippling drought and mismanagement have left more than a dozen Australian towns and villages without a reliable source of water, the country is beginning to ask: Is life in Australia’s vast interior compatible with the age of climate change? - The New York Times
  • Some investors speculated that Twitter could be testing the market for a bigger bond sale in the future, possibly to fund an acquisition - WSJ Markets
  • More background. There was already a low vaccination rate and fear and then antivaxxer activists showed up - Brooke Binkowski
  • Equinox has become the United States' premier high-gloss gym chain by selling itself as a kind of luxury product with a progressive culture. But for many of its trainers the schedule is unforgiving, the pay low and the turnover high. - The New York Times
  • Pacific cod are at historically low numbers due to warming ocean temperatures. And now, for the first time ever, the federal cod fishery in the Gulf of Alaska is closing for the 2020 season. - NPR
  • Low unemployment, yes, but mostly very bad jobs: low wages, few benefits, insecure. New "Job Quality Index" proves Trump/GOP's "great economy" = fake news. Most Dems afraid to lose big donors so dont stress that US capitalism produces ever crappier jobs. - Richard D. Wolff
  • Dirty tricks from the Right in this campaign have reached a new dismal low. Lies, smears, paid trolls and now hacking. - John McDonnell MP
  • Arctic sea ice cover falls to 'alarming' low as temperatures rise - Guardian Environment
  • David Wright prefers the title “Dad” over “Mets advisor” ... - Mike Puma
  • Paul Volcker, the legendary Fed chief who died on Sunday, will be remembered for the extraordinary interest rates he imposed to vanquish high inflation four decades earlier - Bloomberg Markets
  • President Trump's economy is BOOMING! - Nick Adams
  • BREAKING: US employers add robust 266,000 jobs in November; unemployment falls to 50-year low of 3.5% - The Associated Press
  • CNN’s Chris Cillizza Perfectly Demonstrates Why Trust In Media Is So Low - Daily Caller
  • No question @realDonaldTrump has a great record to appeal to black voters: Record low black unemployment Opportunity Zones spurring investment Historic funding for HBCUs Criminal Justice Reform The campaign is making aggressive outreach. - Tim Murtaugh