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  • Moody’s has lowered India’s economic growth forecast n projected a slower GDP growth of 5.6 per cent in 2019. It said, GDP slowdown in the country is lasting longer than previously expected. All signs point at a very sad state of economy. #economicslowdown - Ashok Gehlot
  • Lowered costs and the availability of #renewableenergy to produce hydrogen is leading to increased momentum in Japan and Australia: - Ballard Power
  • “To me, that suggests that standards have been lowered in the classrooms, and individual school administrations may even be passing students that haven’t performed well or learned much of anything,” wrote Holden. - Robert Holden
  • The @Telegraph paywall has been lowered for a day to celebrate website's 25th anniversary. So if you've ever complained to me that you can't read my Premium articles, now's the time to get in there. Perhaps start with the sad tale of Michael Hutchence ... - Neil McCormick
  • Americans overwhelmingly agree that drug prices must be lowered. Congress can either vote with the people or with #bigpharma: - SocialSecurityWorks
  • Maruti Suzuki production slashed 21 in Oct cut for 9th month in a row! #marutisuzuki India (MSI) reduced its production by 20.7 per cent in October, making it the ninth straight month when the #india's largest carmaker lowered its output. #modimademandi - AutoRaja
  • 'Moody’s, the international ratings agency, lowered its outlook for UK debt to ‘negative’ from ‘stable’ due to the country’s weaker economic strength and being “more susceptible to shocks than previously assumed.” - Trevor Warner 🔶
  • Abrahams cites example of one town in Kenya where @Huawei launched a trial project, installing high-definition surveillance cameras and training police to use it. “The crime rate was lowered by 46%!” Abrahams @mailandguardian - Aly-Khan Satchu
  • Good read by @macmargolis on nuances of Evo, who: - Ran budget surpluses - Increased jobs & lowered poverty - Championed neglected Indigenous And also: - Ordered highway contractors to rip thru Indigenous reserve - Ignored term-limit vote - Attacked press - Ben Bartenstein
  • Moody’s lowered its outlook on the U.K.’s debt rating, saying the handling of Brexit has shown public institutions at risk of losing predictability - The Wall Street Journal
  • $CGC $WEED ER is out. The good news: They hit (lowered) headline rev analyst est by a tidy sum and showed good QoQ is sales volumes - 23.66% rec and 34.34% med. The bad: CDN revs still fell anyway and GM eroded. price compression is having an impact - Benjamin A. Smith
  • After the landlord's death O'Toole and Finch were invited to the funeral and stood sobbing as their friend was lowered into the ground only to realise that they were at the wrong funeral – their friend was being buried 100 yards away. 2/2 - Keith Humphreys
  • Trump Slams Fed, Says Shunning Negative Rates Hurts U.S. -even as the Central Bank has lowered interest rates three times under Trump’s pressure. He was dying for applause at the economic meeting in NY yesterday. It was hard to come by. - Barbara Malmet
  • The bushfire threat facing Sydney was lowered Wednesday as authorities continued to tackle blazes in rural communities along the eastern seaboard - Bloomberg
  • Hapless Schiff and Yovanovich unintentionally lowered the boom and confirmed that Obama KNEW of the Hunter and Joe Biden Corruption! - Robotsky
  • My report, #hezbollah: "The Shiite militia founded to fight Israel has diluted its brand as it has expanded to battlefields as far away as Iraq and Yemen, lowered recruiting standards, and now faces a cash crunch that has kept its bedrock supporters poor" - Scott Peterson
  • The ECB has resumed bond purchases, buying 20 billion euros worth of bonds a month, and lowered its deposit rate deeper into negative territory... New ECB Chief, Christine Lagarde, not likely to make any changes in policy - Cryptopolis
  • This is the 3rd rate cut in a year. How will lowered interest rates affect the U.S. economy—will they fuel an economic bubble? - NapaValleyWealthMgmt
  • A public meeting to address concerns is planned for Monday. - Clarion Ledger


Took a while to get it right, but finally finished up my custom taillights! Shoutout to @zx2nr for t

Took a while to get it right, but finally finished up my custom taillights! Shoutout to @zx2nr for the creative influence, go check out his build! Now, just need to clean the car t...



What's the meaning of my fortune meeting? When I crack the cookie all it said was

What's the meaning of my fortune meeting? When I crack the cookie all it said was "keep dreaming" When I look at my tree, I see leaves missing 🥠...