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  • I vouched for my personal Top 2 Albums of 2019 on this list: Karen O and Danger Mouse's shadowy, cinematic 'Lux Prima' (this felt like an album custom-made for me) and Nick Cave's utterly brilliant and heartbreaking 'Ghosteen.' - Kory Grow
  • Well we can all get a Lux. yacht and dart around the world. - We are all Kurdistan Poppies4Afrin-Justice-for
  • Lux family co Aeva Shrinks Size, Cost of Crucial Self-Driving Sensor; Deepens VW Ties - Josh Wolfe
  • Indians want Gavin Lux and Dustin May from Dodgers for Francisco Lindor - Aaron Isiah Garnett Fojo
  • "Lux Optics' Spectre Camera uses AI to create long exposure photos. The app can remove unwanted background content" Here are Apple's picks for the best apps and games of 2019 - デジクマ(Kazuya Minami)
  • An effective rebuttal to my moderate hypothesis on the Silent Sam settlement: whatever the SCV stands for, it ain't lux et libertas. - Patrick O'Neil
  • Why does the Star keep doing ridiculous situations? Do one for people with real problems! This person just wants it all. Stop buying "lux" items! Arrrrgggh. 28-year-old makes $75,000 — but she’s $30,000 in debt. Can she still enjoy life? - J - just J
  • Buy Lux Industries, price target Rs 1,475: Jayesh Bhanushali #etmarkets #dailyrecos #stockpicks #dailypicks - ETMarkets
  • Words of the week from @VVFriedman. Branding memory and Manheimer. The story in the remaking - Rebecca Robins
  • Prince Andrew made deal to fly on a tax haven tycoon's lux jet - Donna Dee
  • EU Tax Farce Nordics: High tax France: Total income divided by 2 (parents), 1/2 per child. Then deduct tax! Lux, Belgium, NL, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Italy, Greece, IRE, France: Low tax schemes Bulgaria: 10%; Czech Rep/Hungary/Lithuania: 15%; Romania: 16% - SanctionsAML
  • @saywhatagain enjoyed The Cramps episode. They are so great at articulating their craft and music. Which is so hard to do. Anyways I always thought this article on how they met was very sweet and makes me ‘misty eyed’ - Zachary Fairbrother
  • EU schism on adding to tax haven list. Germany France, Spain Austria & Denmark vs Ireland Lux and Netherlands - Richard Asquith
  • Lux, a provider of tech-enabled research, has produced its “20 for 20” list of “the technologies and trends that will transform the way we live, work, and play over the next decade” This year, vertical farming has made it onto the leaders board... - LettUs Grow
  • VERY significant— not just for gaming and humanitarian efforts—but defense. See what happened when a human drone pilot challenged an AI-programmed drone—in a race by Lux family co @DroneRaceLeague + @LockheedMartin - Josh Wolfe
  • ICYMI- Last night President @BillClinton visited one of our "Family Read, Play & Learn" spaces at Laundro Lux in Long Island. Read more via @Newsday. - Too Small to Fail
  • A new report from Lux Research predicts #5g networks will be the most transformative technology in 2020 for its role in enabling so many other new innovations from #robotic surgeries to #autonomous cars. - Ian Hutchinson
  • The popular 8-quart Instant Pot Lux is at its lowest price ever: #artificialintelligence #iot #ioe HT @motorcycletwitt - Dave Lerner
  • ZITAT: "Und ja, es gibt Sexarbeiterinnen, die selbstbestimmt arbeiten, aber auch sie sind absolute Ausnahmen." Liebe Frau Schipkowski, wir vom Studio LUX würden uns freuen, wenn sie in Zukunft etwas besser recherchieren. - DominaStudioBerlin


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🧘‍♀️ Хотите найти способ перезарядиться? ⠀ 🌊Вода является стихией чистоты, которая поможет ва...

Last chance tomorrow to own this beautiful textured landscape I would really love to see it printed

Last chance tomorrow to own this beautiful textured landscape I would really love to see it printed to about 1m sq... you could do that if you buy the printable file from our Xmas ...