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  • "We're broke" - Jason Kenney. #ableg #cdnpoli - Dave Cournoyer
  • Long classified in Germany as “luxury goods” taxed at the highest possible rate, tampons, pads and other menstrual products will soon join bread and books on the list of items considered “necessary for everyday life” - The New York Times
  • Facebook signed a lease for more than 1.5 million square feet of office space in New York City's Hudson Yards, including 30 floors and three buildings in the luxury commercial and residential development complex - CNN International
  • Tampons will no longer be taxed as "luxury" items in Germany, following a landmark vote - CNN
  • Jason Kenney says we’re broke and that’s why we have to fire nurses and teachers and cut support for the disabled and elderly. Meanwhile his top advisor is staying at 5 star hotels, taking multiple 1st class flights and drinking champagne in London #ableg - Progress Alberta
  • A smart phone isn’t a luxury – it’s a lifeline if you’re living in poverty - Ben Claimant 💚
  • looks like we're going to have to step it up when it comes to this year's war on christmas here in the states - Matt Binder
  • They really want your bitcoin. - Zack Voell
  • Jason Kenney’s inner circle expenses more on hotel rooms than most Albertans spend on their monthly mortgage. All while they axe your kid’s school, your Mom’s hospital & your disabled neighbour’s lifelines. It’s luxury for them, austerity for you. - Dave Beninger
  • One of the largest donors to Canada’s various Conservative parties just happens to have moved to London. I’m absolutely positive these trips are totally unrelated. Yep. - PaulDoherty
  • Russian luxury gadget maker is selling ONE pair of Apple's Airpods wrapped in 18-karat gold for more than $67,000 - Daily Mail Online
  • Letter forged to spare education MEC using luxury car of previous incumbent and rival - Sunday Times
  • This Harvard alum turns cheap, recycled rubber into luxury furniture - Fast Company
  • “We don’t have the luxury of being average. Our starting line is behind the average" Sterling K Brown on the figth for a more diverse Hollywood and being "the black guy" in #frozen2 - The Telegraph
  • I wrote an essay for the @NYTmag’s tech and design issue about the “luxury internet” — a kind of digital farm-to-table movement for people who want to pay to escape the clunky, predatory free internet and inhabit tasteful, private spaces instead. - Kevin Roose
  • “A luxury Upper East Side hair salon accused of telling black workers that Afros and box braids did not fit the area’s upscale image will train employees to work with black hair and help advance the careers of stylists who are not white...” (@nytimes) - Legal Defense Fund
  • It’s the luxury edition! Our cover star for this week is leading one of the biggest blockbusters of 2019 – yet Ella Balinska was still working on the shop floor just last year. She talks to us about the joy of working on Charlie’s Angels. - ES Magazine
  • Burberry teams up with Chinese internet giant Tencent to experiment in blending retail and social media in selling luxury goods - Bloomberg
  • A watch by Swiss luxury brand Patek Philippe has sold for over $31 million, the highest price ever paid for a timepiece at auction - CNN


Rob The Hall Of Famer in Hamilton-Halton Home Builders’ Association with Me and The One and Only R

Rob The Hall Of Famer in Hamilton-Halton Home Builders’ Association with Me and The One and Only Riz designed to push the limits of Luxury UP☝🏻 between Yorkville and The Ann...