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  • I needed six miles of track to shoot cars driving 150 feet per second, because Mangold says he didn't want "digitally-enhanced-with-cartoon[s] car antics. We wanted to…see the pits and road and to feel the action firsthand." - François Audouy
  • Michael B. Jordan (@michaelb4jordan) starrer 'Just Mercy,' James Mangold's #fordvferrari set for Hamptons Film Festival - The Hollywood Reporter
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  • Director James Mangold, helmer of #fordvferrari, will be presented with the Cinema Audio Society's filmmaker award at the 56th annual CAS Awards - The Hollywood Reporter
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  • We're podding Matt Damon. @ChrisRyan77, @akdobbins, and I picked our top 5 Damon performances. Has any actor made more good movies since 1996? Plus: I spoke with James Mangold about his terrific FORD V. FERRARI. - Sean Fennessey
  • New stills from James Mangold’s ‘FORD V FERRARI’ have been officially released. (Source: - DiscussingFilm
  • In #fordvferrari, Ford Motors agrees to build the world’s greatest race car so they sell a feeling as much as a car. But the company tries to bend the process to its agenda. Director James Mangold was hooked by both the pitch and the struggle #sponsored - Variety
  • Worzel Gummidge first appeared on television today in 1953. Frank Atkinson starred as the animated scarecrow in Worzel Gummidge Turns Detective, a four-part story written by Barbara Euphan Todd. Mabel Constanduros (left) was Worzel's wife, Earthy Mangold. - BBC Genome