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  • Former Fed & Primary Dealer Insiders on Dollar Repo Madness [Video] ICYMI - Danielle DiMartino Booth
  • "Encounter killings" or state killings outside the judicial process have no place in democracy. Accused shd've been brought to justice through due process of law. This is the madness than ensues when MPs call for lynching. - Sagarika Ghose
  • Letter: Closing Philippsburg 2 at this moment is madness - FT Opinion
  • "Investigating a Famous Study About the Line Between Sanity and Madness" by JENNIFER SZALAI via NYT - MSK
  • It's the ethanol, stupid. - Joe Hedberg
  • As NATO gathers, Boris Johnson wants you to forget his relationship with the US President of whom he said: “I am increasingly admiring of Trump.,..there is method in his madness.” So here’s a reminder of how close these two peas in a pod really are. Pls RT - Chuka Umunna
  • Basically the police shot a hostage and a bystander. That is the sum of it. Absolute madness. - Daniel Sandford
  • But the judge disallowed this because of the accused suffering abuse due to his Indigenous background, which would been relevant on sentencing, but on the issue of guilt or innocence? Madness. Source: Justice eludes Hamilton Good Samaritan shooting victim - Lorrie Goldstein
  • Trump's trade war might have something in common with the War of 1812 - Businessweek
  • Billionaire Brexit donor gives £1 million to UK Conservatives This man wants GB out of the EU come hell or high water and is prepared the pay for it. The money behind the madness. - Hopefully helping - #TacticalVoting #ToriesOut
  • Making spheroid space monsters scary: Me on Lovecraft (more specifically, on artist Gou Tanabe's take on Lovecraft) on NPR - Etelka Lehoczky
  • "Stand by" the stupid woman who organised this madness (with our taxes as usual). She should be sacked! #londonterrorattack - Nick Griffin
  • Nora Fatehi's 'Pepeta' madness continues in this BTS video sneak-peek—Watch - Zee News
  • "There may only be one way to adapt the work of H.P. Lovecraft. At least, that's how it feels after reading Gou Tanabe's take on Lovecraft's novella At the Mountains of Madness." Read @nprbooks review of Vol. 2, in stores now: - Dark Horse Comics
  • Before Son of Swami goes into hibernation for the winter, or until March Madness begins, he provides the winners to all eight state championship games. - Mick McCabe
  • It's Matt Patricia's version of Detroit Lions football, and it's driving us to madness - Detroit Free Press
  • Madness! Our temporary pm is from the US of HATE! - John P A Carter
  • In 1973, the psychologist David Rosenhan set out to prove how easily "sane" people could get institutionalized. Did he? - New York Times Books
  • Look past the green washing folks. - The Original Method


Spiraling madness A web of secrets Neither up nor down There is no ending Air heavy with Unspoken wo

Spiraling madness A web of secrets Neither up nor down There is no ending Air heavy with Unspoken words Lingering like fire Deep within Hidden from sight Cruel is the fate Of a l...