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  • COP25: Thousands gather for change climate protests in Madrid - BBC News (World)
  • This week, President @realDonaldTrump is hard at work for our country at the #nato70 Summit in London, while Speaker Pelosi and 14 Congressional Democrats are attending a climate conference in Madrid. - Vice President Mike Pence
  • Once again doing the work the president is incapable of doing. Pelosi heading to Madrid for UN climate change convention - Victoria Brownworth
  • “We have been striking for over a year, and basically nothing has happened,” she said. Indeed, the rate of greenhouse gas emissions hasn’t declined. They’re all set to hit a new high in 2019. | @kabira_tweeting reporting from #cop25madrid. - The Wire
  • “The point of no return is no longer over the horizon. It is in sight and hurtling toward us." - UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres - Elaine Johnson
  • Youth activists flooded the streets of the Spanish capital on Friday — part of a global protest hoping to ramp up pressure on negotiators and politicians taking part in the COP25 climate talks - POLITICO
  • Madrid may be hosting COP25, but its own eco-challenges persist - Al Jazeera English
  • Speaker Pelosi at a climate change conference in Madrid: "We aren't here to talk about impeachment or the President of the United States. ... When we travel abroad we don't talk about the President in a negative way and we save that for home" - CNN Politics
  • Grenade thrown at migrant children's centre in Madrid - Guardian news
  • Here's my Messi has just won (is just about to win) the Balon d'Or piece … this time, Leo Messi as Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star. - Sid Lowe
  • Real Madrid’s president is shepherding a proposal that would reshape European soccer for the benefit of the Continent’s biggest clubs. And he may have the backing to pull it off. - The New York Times
  • The Wanda Metropolitano is one of the newest and best stadiums in Europe, but it could be closed because of fans' awful chants about Antoine Griezmann. - SPORTbible
  • “What we’re seeing now is not normal. The prognosis for this summer is continuing unusually dry conditions and above-average heat, which is no surprise given temperatures have been going up now for 4 or 5 decades.” Climate Councillor, Prof Will Steffen - Climate Council
  • Diego Simeone facing imminent sack by Atletico Madrid, according to reports - The Sun Football ⚽
  • #cop25: Thousands of protesters marched in Madrid to demand immediate action to stop climate change. - DW News
  • Eden Hazard ruled out of El Clasico with broken ankle - The Sun Football ⚽
  • If you haven’t imagined the end of football as we know it, don’t worry - Real Madrid président Florentino Perez has you covered - tariq panja
  • Auschwitz Roma survivor Ceija Stojka art goes on display at @museoreinasofia in Madrid. ‘I’m afraid Auschwitz is only sleeping.’ Now it’s more and more like an awakening,' said Stojka who passed away in 2013. - Auschwitz Memorial
  • [email protected] attends the U.N. climate summit in Madrid, says she hopes world leaders would grasp the urgency of the climate crisis - Reuters


Was just asked for recommendations & realized i havent posted my fav restaurant in Madrid this recen

Was just asked for recommendations & realized i havent posted my fav restaurant in Madrid this recent trip ❤ Was so good that i went back twice ! If i had more time & tummy space...

Si hay que madrugar se madruga!! Let's go!!!! En busca del Trono de Hierro!!! 😎😏🐉 Y... lect

Si hay que madrugar se madruga!! Let's go!!!! En busca del Trono de Hierro!!! 😎😏🐉 Y... lecturas molanas para el viaje! 😏🙄 " No culpes al Karma de lo que te pasa por ...