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  • Huffington Post will write about this, nor will Buzzfeed or CNN. Gotta have a kid in MAGA hat for them to care. - Mike Cernovich
  • My take on this is that she and people who behave like her are bad people. - David Roberts
  • My fun holiday tip: When Uncle Vinnie, wearing a MAGA hat at the table, asks you to pass the pie, just look him square in the eye, and say, “I have a favor though...” Thanksgiving survey: How was your experience at our house last year? - The Boston Globe - Frank Figliuzzi
  • Rep. Al Green slams committee over impeachment experts: 'not one person of color' - Lou Dobbs
  • Trump slams Emmanuel Macron's nasty rebuke of NATO, says France needs the alliance the most. #maga #americafirst #dobbs - Lou Dobbs
  • The greatest achievement of Donald is understanding that much of the GOP was corrupt. He also understood the simplicity of the MAGA crowd. Because of this and his instability, they fear what he may expose about them. How else to explain this? - Fred Guttenberg
  • Greatest: Majority of Republicans say Trump better president than Lincoln - Lou Dobbs
  • GOP Senator Pushes Russian Conspiracy Theory Then Admits He Blew Off Intel Briefing. If #maga only knew the truth. But Fox will never report the truth. Because they aren't reporters or journalists. They're propaganda, disinformation, and profiteers. - John Oberlin
  • Great again by the metrics: Durable goods orders? Rising. Weekly jobless claims? Falling. Third quarter GDP? Revised upward. S&P 500? An all-time high: - Michael Johns
  • "Clint Eastwood’s Richard Jewell wants to be a gripping, outrage-inciting drama. Unfortunately, what it turns out to be is a MAGA screed vilifying the president’s two favorite enemies: the FBI and the media." - The Daily Beast
  • He took his ball and went home, as the world laughs at him #maga - Markos Moulitsas
  • Hey #maga, you better start paying more attention. Real patriots don't support Trump. He's the enemy. - John Oberlin
  • BREAKING NEWS Former top Navy SEAL says the US is 'under attack from the president’ Trump is a disgrace! ' @realDonaldTrump - Belkiss Obadia
  • Are you happy, #maga folk? Bah humbug! - Trump Takes Food Away From 755,000 Americans Before Christmas' - John Lundin 🌊
  • The DOJ Inspector General's report propaganda was a Bill Barr/MAGA hustle. The Russia investigation was *fully legitimate.* Now Barr is exposed - again. - Eric Garland
  • It should be obvious by now but everything Trump says about tariffs, China and trade wars is fake. It's all a collection of lies intended to make him look good in the eyes of #maga folks. But the truth is that Trump is screwing our economy for nothing. - John Oberlin
  • Some Republican senators recently questioned whether Kyiv tried to sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign in 2016. But the GOP-led Intelligence Committee looked into the theory, and found scant evidence to support it. MAGA heads - LiA
  • China is brazenly meddling in U.S. politics: American billionaires, Wall Street, House Dems and Big Tech undercutting @realDonaldTrump: China Envoy to U.S. urges both countries to resolve trade differences - Lou Dobbs
  • Let's get real. Trump isn't deciding anything. He just says things that make it sound like he's in control. China is in control and all Trump can do is tell lies that Fox will repeat so #maga doesn't figure out Trump's trade war is a total failure. - John Oberlin


#trump2020 when your school hosts a death by chocolate event the week before finals and you’re pus

#trump2020 when your school hosts a death by chocolate event the week before finals and you’re pushing politics even on a cookie 🤷‍♀️ just being me. Merry Christmas y’...

If they were gays with the isis flag. They should visit a roof in an isis controlled town. Being a g

If they were gays with the isis flag. They should visit a roof in an isis controlled town. Being a gay man this sign of gross low intelligence within the gay “community” is s...