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  • “Stefanik until recently was best known as a relative moderate: Harvard, worked for GWB, taken on her own party “It appears, says admirer of hers put it, that Stefanik has ‘gone full MAGA’ “One close observer: ‘she’s positioned to seize a leading role’ “ - John Harwood
  • Attorney General Stands Tall for the Constitution and @POTUS: Barr Suggests Impeachment Inquiry Undermines Voters’ Intent - Lou Dobbs
  • Democrats are panicked. Impeachment is falling flat. #maga - HARLAN Z. HILL
  • Flashback: Ukrainian Prosecutor Lutsenko told @jsolomonReports that Former Ambassador Yovanovitch “gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute.” The list included a founder of a group co-founded by George Soros and the Obama Admin - Matt Batzel
  • We’ve been waiting for this! #maga!! The Trump administration released a far-reaching plan to force hospitals and insurers to disclose their secret negotiated rates - Rachel Campos-Duffy
  • Oh! "Donald Trump's presidency will fall when people realize he's just another scumbag." - Steve Bannon - Randi Rhodes
  • No decent human being would steal from veterans. #maga #kag - Alternative NOAA
  • and all he has to show for it is a crummy MAGA hat; - Eric Boehlert
  • After going two years without giving the National Medal of Arts, President Trump is planning to award several, including to “the actor and MAGA enthusiast Jon Voight,” The Atlantic reports, adding that “appears to have ignored” input from the committee - Michael Cooper
  • Big Tech Must Be Regulated: Furious backlash as it emerges Google has secretly amassed health data - Lou Dobbs
  • Anti-freedom Marxist @georgesoros strikes again Wonder why #brexit hasn’t happened yet? See below He made billions from Capitalism. Now he wants to change the system #maga Tories: Probe George Soros’ anti-Brexit millions - Krav MAGA🇺🇸
  • A flat out Nazi sympathizer making policy in the White House (Stephen Miller,may he burn in hell) but @GOP is silent, complicit cowards fearful of Hitler loving #maga moron thugs in their racist Nazi sympathizing base.This is Donald Trump's America 2019 - Ron Rosenbaum
  • An unidentified person replaced a photo of Uncle Ruckus, a racist character in the popular animated series "The Boondocks," with a picture of Kanye West wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat - CNN
  • Donald Trump Jr. is working to translate the combative, anti-liberal MAGA ethos for internet-savvy nonboomers - POLITICO
  • New Jeff Sessions campaign ad is out: Dons a MAGA hat, in reference to the '16 rally where he was first senator to endorse @realdonaldtrump - Alex Pappas
  • Dear #maga, many of you wear t-shirts saying "read the transcript" but virtually none of you have read it. I'm hear to help you. Attached are three copies for you to read. Pick one and actually read it. - John Oberlin
  • #maga math. Trump just claimed Ivanka created 14 million jobs. The entire economy added 6 million. - Billy Baldwin
  • [email protected] please keep stomping for votes for @gop lackies. We in the #resistance truly appreciate it. #maga - ❄️😎❄️ Uncle John
  • In the midst of the impeachment noise, this story may get buried: today our President, who chose not to serve his country in wartime, pardoned a war criminal and murderer--over the objections of the leaders of the actual military. #maga - tomginsburg


REMEMBER THIS? (MUST SEE) watch Jim Jordan rip it up 🇺🇸 It was all blamed on the ANTI ISLAMIC

REMEMBER THIS? (MUST SEE) watch Jim Jordan rip it up 🇺🇸 It was all blamed on the ANTI ISLAMIC VIDEO, because they wanted the public to believe there was no RADICAL ISLAMIC TE...