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  • Indomitable Malayalee 'Spirit' - Even the ‘flood of the century’ did not act as a serious dampener for the state's Bacchus-lovers. Official statistics now reveal that Keralites consumed liquor worth Rs 516 crore in the ten days after the floods. - Prasanna Viswanathan
  • A Malayalee from Mumbai was due to get married Aug. 17. On the eve of the day he, his bride, and their cousins sourced a list of flood-relief material that was needed, asked their guests to “gift” the stuff, and made the wedding venue a collection centre - Jeanette Rodrigues
  • It's the hard work of farmers in AP, Karnataka & TN that enables Malayalee to celebrate #onam - - The Hindu
  • This week in MintOnSunday: The return of the Gulf Malayalee - Yes my G
  • Singapore Malayalee community raises over Rs 2.5 crore for Kerala floods - NDTV
  • The Malayalee, more than most others, must know the challenges of being a migrant. But for an entire state to grow from that experience, and build systems that are both sensible and sensitive to migrants and their children is truly heartwarming. - M D Madhusudan
  • If You Tick 18/25 On This Checklist, You're A True Blue Malayalee - Lakshmi
  • Decoding the return of the Gulf Malayalee. Who is he in the first place? Why is he returning? - Nidheesh M K
  • My heart goes out to all my Malayalee friends for this horrible natural disaster in Kerala. - Patrick Brown
  • This Malayalee is the inspiration behind Akshay Kumar’s role in @AirliftFilm - - The Hindu
  • CM has raised issue of Malayalee pride being hurt only with eye on May 16 polls - Hindustan Times
  • With a name like that, I was convinced he was Malayalee. Link for the quote in last tweet: - A N N A
  • Malayalee. Proud. #kerala - Giveanid
  • When 46 Malayalee nurses were held captive by ISIS insurgents in Iraq, #sushmaswaraj swiftly intensified her diplomatic efforts to rescue them. #ripsushmaji - The New Indian Express
  • Hinting at possible Kerala connection with the recent Sri Lanka terror attacks? Sri Lanka is a pit stop for Malayalee terrorists enroute IS job locations. - നിഖിൽ 🇮🇳
  • K J Alphons: “Malayalees have a characteristic of seeing things in a poor light, whenever another Malayalee achieves something. Malayalees have a DNA problem of backstabbing.” - Express South
  • Who is Joseph Shine, the crusader whose petition abolished adultery law? What's in it for him? Lo and behold: here's the story of that happily married, Church-going Malayalee in Italy - Nidheesh M K
  • All Malayalee communities in Mumbai have cancelled #onam celebrations. #onam2018 - ET Panache
  • Malayalee and Keralite associations in East and North East India have started a campaign and are collecting funds and necessary materials for the victims of the worst flood in #kerala - Firstpost




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