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  • #alitabattleangel: How visual effects team helped inject life into manga character - Variety
  • Alita: Battle Angel: How Visual Effects Gave Life to Manga Character – Variety - ST
  • Variety: ‘Alita: Battle Angel’: How Visual Effects Team Helped Inject Life Into Manga Character "(Rodriguez and Cameron) were going to push 'Alita: Battle Angel' to use the best technology..." "... the Weta team had to 'really refine our craft.'" - The #AlitaArmy 🍊🍫⚔♥
  • Interesting article about #alitabattleangel - Charles
  • TEEN TITANS: RAVEN is a New York Times Bestseller!!! It’s our first DC Young Reader to crack the list. @kamigarcia @_gabrielpicolo @michelewells @DCComics - Amie BrockwayMetcalf
  • WAH! The Midwinter Witch is on the @nytimesbooks bestseller list with a bunch of other amazing books! I'm really honored, and so so glad they decided to bring back the graphic novel and manga list - Molly Knox Ostertag
  • Full Metal Panic manga creator apologizes after tweets about Greta Thunberg: - Kotaku
  • Visual and stills for the new "Hoozuki no Reitetsu" OVA that will be included with a limited edition of the manga's 30th volume on March 23rd. - A.I.R (Anime Intelligence (and) Research)
  • Japanese manga artist Leiji Matsumoto returns home after being hospitalized in Italy for pneumonia - Thoton Akimoto
  • Hunter X Hunter, the king of hiatus manga, continues to be AWOL: - Kotaku
  • Popular manga art app Clip Studio Paint is now available on the iPhone: #machinelearning #ai #iot ht: @MIKEQUINDAZZI - Kim Muro
  • Dubbed over manga legend Oji Hiroi for “Imagine-Nation”, a show introducing Japanese pop culture overseas. You can view the full episode below: - サイラス望セスナ
  • i will be drawing all my comics in bed with my finger from now on, YES it WILL be a noticeable shift in quality and NO i do not care!! - Dami Lee
  • Camp made it on to the @nytimesbooks best sellers list!! This is so beyond what I could have imagined when I started making comics. Thank you to everyone who has been reading my books! - Kayla Miller
  • The New York Times “Graphic Books and Manga” best sellers list— MHA volume 21 at number 3 for November 2019, volume 1 at number 11 for December 2019 List: - shibuya smash ❄️
  • Warner Bros. has undated 'Akira,' the manga adaptation that has @TaikaWaititi attached to direct but was put on hold in July when the filmmaker signed on to helm a fourth 'Thor' film for Marvel Studios - The Hollywood Reporter
  • It turns out that manga and anime otaku are very high in political awareness. 8 in 10 participants in the comic market exercised their right to vote in the 2017 general election. - 猫ぐるま
  • Manga artists paid by Disney to endorse “Frozen 2” say they were directed not to disclose it was a promotion. By ⁦@mochi_wsj⁩ - Peter Landers


撮影会の予定が決まりました! 1/18都内です! 12/14 22時から申し込み開始

撮影会の予定が決まりました! 1/18都内です! 12/14 22時から申し込み開始みたいなので、撮りにきてもらえたら嬉しいです(ノω`*) 可愛...