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  • yes, Adam Driver singing "Being Alive" is moving. but once you know the context and history of that song, you just can't unsee allllll the layers of those few musical minutes. it might change how you feel about #marriagestory altogether. my analysis: - Ashley Lee
  • Can you imagine wreaking all this havoc -- on your marriage, the lives of two staffers, the Americans whom you represented -- and deciding you were the real victim? Katie Hill can. - Abigail Shrier
  • Noah Baumbach breaks down Marriage Story’s devastating fight scene - Entertainment Weekly
  • Unnao case: All you need to know about a ghastly crime born out of a troubled relationship - Nupur J Sharma
  • Family of accused says neither shivam nor shubham was present where girl was burnt. It was early morning around 4:15am when they were sleeping at home. Now this of course is matter of investigation. Nothing proven yet but cries for lynching of 5 again - Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj
  • Watch Maggie freak out at Parker's marriage proposal in this exclusive Charmed clip - Entertainment Weekly
  • i said i would do it and i did it - hunter harris
  • Scarlett Johansson opened up about her first marriage to Ryan Reynolds and the lessons she learned from their relationship: - InStyle
  • A heart wrenching oped from ⁦@KatieHill4CA⁩. it’s clear being trapped in a abusive marriage was the backdrop to everything that happened. I wish she hadn’t resigned. Glad to hear ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ didn’t ask her to. It’s Not Over After All - Kirsten Powers
  • A new task force assembled by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is aiming to purge almost 100 racist laws from the state's books. Many date to its segregationist past, including Jim Crow laws and those banning interracial marriage. - The New York Times
  • “Michael Gove – looking like someone took all the flesh out of a serial killer’s drains and forced it into some brogues - is somehow not the worst person in cabinet, or even his own marriage.” - Gerard O'Rourke
  • Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson give their all to Marriage Story, a smart exploration of the emotional intricacies of divorce and how it can rip love to shreds. Marriage Story is now on Netflix. Our review: - IGN
  • starting on Netflix today. one of the year's best - 32 across
  • The #gothamawards belonged to Noah Baumbach's Marriage Story - VANITY FAIR
  • Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson fall apart in the tender, devastating Marriage Story. - Entertainment Weekly
  • New details have emerged on the Unnao rape and murder case, where it has been revealed that before the heinous crime, the victim was in a relationship with the main accused, and the relationship had turned sour - OpIndia.com
  • Lebanese women are battling laws that give religious courts say over many aspects of their lives, such as marriage, divorce and custody of children. - The Associated Press
  • Calls to domestic abuse and forced marriage hotline 'rise by 25%' - The Scotsman - idRomance
  • One Republican voted for this. Makes sense. The GOP is married to voter suppression. It is a lively marriage for the GOP and deathly for democracy. The GOP can no longer live without voter suppression. Democracy has never lived with voter suppression. - Ibram X. Kendi


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Ciekawe, czy w tym roku będą białe Święta. Śnieg sprawia, że ten okres jest jeszcze bardziej

Ciekawe, czy w tym roku będą białe Święta. Śnieg sprawia, że ten okres jest jeszcze bardziej magiczny, też tak uważacie? Macie już choinkę? Dom przystrojony? Ja dopiero ...