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  • Mashallah, uncle with the life-saving takedown. - Imraan Siddiqi
  • Whenever Pakistan is in crisis, our brothers come to rescue - Pakistan ve Turkiye, iki devlet, Bir Millet..MashAllah - Zaid Hamid
  • #erdogan He missed death by a whisker but bravely went ahead to land to lead his people ! True leadership MashAllah - Zaid Hamid
  • Mashallah! More money away from the hungry, naked, roofless awam funnelled to the twitter wars & “5th generation warfare” this apparatus is waging on 220 million people. From the people’s money. - Gul Bukhari
  • Everyone keep reading Quran and making Duas for our boys. May Allah make us win again and again, Ameen. MashAllah, Mohamud Ali left his driving school business back in Manchester in order to represent his country.... that is real patriotism - Hooyo Anisa
  • #mashallah: Gulzar Ahmed awoke her daughter Umme Samina at Sehr and forced her to observe fast. The girl refused to do so on health grounds. As a result Gulzar got infuriated and shot her dead.  - Taha Siddiqui
  • JUI-F general secretary invites Taliban to join party - Wasay Jalil
  • Mashallah! Islamic prayer reduces back pain, study finds - Suhaib Webb
  • Mashallah! In Jama Masjid, roughly 500 people come every evening empty handed, with the hope of getting an iftar... - Milli Gazette
  • Mashallah, The "Experience" of PMLN really did come in handy. The trade deficit that was $20 billion in 2014 is now $37.7 billion. This is unsustainable. Question is, is it too late to reverse it? #pakistan - Asfandyar Bhittani
  • Mashallah boys played well - Ailia Zehra
  • Mashallah, so proud of my niece. Make dua for her - z
  • mashallah welcome to the ummah Herr Wagner - Ayesha A. Siddiqi
  • Mashallah. What leaders. "Saudi Arabia, Ignoring Trump’s Slights, Will Give Him a Royal Welcome" - Wajahat "Abu Khadija" Ali
  • MashAllah this 12 year old has her priorities straight. Wishing her best of luck! “If she wins, Zaara said she'd save the money for college, where she plans to study to be a brain surgeon, and use some of the money to travel to Mecca for a pilgrimage.” - Abed A. Ayoub
  • Maharashtrache 57 Shiledar | Imtiyaz Jaleel - Asaduddin Owaisi
  • Bahawalpur student stabs professor to death over blasphemy allegation - omar ali
  • "Mashallah, big win for gender balance," ~ @Hayder_alKhoei Twitter users mock the UAE after its gender awards are won entirely by men - Faisal | فيصل عيدروس


Meri pyaari si Hani MashAllah❤️❤️ •••••••••••••••••••

Meri pyaari si Hani MashAllah❤️❤️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...

Family outings 😋♥️ We went for a dinner last night at our relatives'place and the arrangement

Family outings 😋♥️ We went for a dinner last night at our relatives'place and the arrangements were amazing 😀 👌The food was yummy 😋 They made, Mutton biryani Mutton...