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  • This 86kg mastiff named Floyd had to be rescued after he was too tired to carry on his walk - ITV News
  • Authorities rescued a 190-pound mastiff named Floyd from a mountain near Salt Lake City as temperatures began to drop and several hikers called to report that the dog was on the trail with his owner and unable to move. - ABC News
  • We promise you will not find a more dapper dog than this mustachioed mastiff, one of a litter of pups Hearts & Bones Rescue in Dallas is hoping to find a forever home for. - ABC News
  • Martha the Neapolitan mastiff has been crowned the world's ugliest dog! - BBC News (World)
  • Mastiff Named Floyd Has to be Rescued After the 190 Lb. Dog Gets Too Tired While on a Hike - People
  • Huge, homely mastiff named Martha wins world's ugliest dog - Fox News
  • Giant mastiff carried down mountain in a heartwarming rescue - New York Post
  • Martha's expansive jowls earned the 3-year-old Neapolitan mastiff a prestigious honor: World's Ugliest Dog - NPR
  • 125-pound Neapolitan Mastiff named Martha wins 29th annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest. - ABC News
  • A 190-pound mastiff named Floyd needed several helping hands after becoming exhausted on a hike in Utah. - HuffPost
  • Massive mastiff rescued from mountain after getting tired from hike - CTV News
  • If Eddie can take on an unfriendly English mastiff, you can catch up on the latest episode. Stream it here... For Eddie. - Hawaii Five-0
  • Watching Anthony Albanese and Kristina Keneally hook into John Setka is like watching a pair of chihuahuas trying to take down a bull mastiff, writes Katrina Grace Kelly - The Australian
  • A massive mastiff had to be rescued after getting exhausted on a mountain hike - CNN
  • Rt: This POS needs catching. Laughed hysterically, he tricked a giant Bordeaux Mastiff for food & slapped the dog in the face. That POS needs more than a good slap @RSPCA_official appeals to find man filmed slapping dog around the face in 'viral prank' - CharmaineScamm1
  • Duck befriends a three-year-old pitbull-mastiff mix after the death of his 130-pound Rottweiler companion. - CBC News
  • Miami Herald Florida Keys reporter mauled by bull mastiff while on assignment. - Miami Herald
  • Meet Juno, the PAWS Pet of the Week! He's a 3-month-old boxer/mastiff mix who loves belly rubs, and just wants to cuddle and hang out. He's available for adoption starting at noon at the @PAWSChicago adoption center in Lincoln Park. - CBS Chicago
  • Intoxicated New Year's Eve Reveler Wakes Up in Stranger's Dog Bed Next to 120-lb. Mastiff - People