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  • [email protected] has grown into Atlanta’s latest melody-fluent trap star. “They know I can rap. I’m just trying to use the rap to open up more doors.” - XXL Magazine
  • To convey the urgency of climate change at a personal level, scientists have begun translating its dry data points into heart-rending melodies - The New York Times
  • Mick Hucknall: ‘There’s something very mystical about creating a melody’ - Financial Times
  • #rishikesh is like a Beatles melody. Go, experience the riff of religion, strum of spirituality and yodel of yoga (writes @swapanseth) - HT Brunch
  • AI to upend melody making, teach artists how to please, tech-music guru says - The Times of Israel
  • Global warming can seem like a distant concept — something that is likely to affect others rather than ourselves. But a few scientists and artists are hoping that heart-rending melodies will help make dry data points more meaningful. - New York Times Arts
  • The new "Lion King" has made millions, but as I learned, the heirs of the man who wrote part of the core melody of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" may not benefit--again. Thanks to @jonbern for his research help here. - David Browne
  • "Sparkling new adaptation" (Radio Times) of Anthony Trollope's #thepallisers. Starts Sun 10th Nov 1500 @BBCRadio4 with a terrific cast featuring Jessica Raine, Tim McMullen @blakeritson Melody Grove, Edward MacLiam. Dramatised by Mike Harris & Sharon Oakes - Emma Harding
  • Get Well Soon Melody Queen - MAHENDRA MISHRA
  • Congratulations to Craig Manzino, Joe Rust, Melody Young, and Dean Michaels for being included in Variety's Business Managers Elite 2019. Thank You for being part of our team and for all your hard work. Visit their website view the list: - Prager Metis CPAs
  • Times of Israel, about research at Spotify in music creation - Francois Pachet
  • “As Long as He Needs Me” has a gorgeous melody. It’s also an ugly illustration of misogyny being sold to audiences as love. - Chicago Sun-Times
  • Melody is paramount on “Magdalene.” Many of FKA twigs's new songs have extended, dramatic vocal lines that float free of an obvious beat. - New York Times Music
  • 5 ways #music can transform your life! - ETM
  • I got My Melody! - 𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖐 🕯
  • More on the streaming music skip study that @PretzelVoice was talking about: - Music Tectonics
  • @SteveEarle's tribute to #guyclark doesn’t monkey much with Clark’s winsome melodies, or with the feel of the original recordings. - Steve Brock
  • "We were a black music soul band with spiritual imagery... I found that I had a knack of coming up with melodies, then Paul would write words to fit them." Read @lighthousefamly on the making of 'Lifted' - UMusic Publishing UK
  • P. Susheela - This is India's 'Gaana Kokila' or Melody Queen. Her simplicity and humility will shock future generations. She had to be persuaded to take credit for her achievements in the world of music. - Swapna Raghu Sanand


MELODY《新歌新体会》有杨丞琳发行的全新专辑『删‧拾 以后』首波主打歌《

MELODY《新歌新体会》有杨丞琳发行的全新专辑『删‧拾 以后』首波主打歌《节日快乐》! 想听到这首新歌,就要全天候留守MELODY! @rainie...

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