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  • Newspaper headlines: 'PM climate meltdown' and 'no justice for the 96' - BBC News (UK)
  • Trump calls Trudeau 'two-faced', cancels press conference and leaves Nato summit early after video of world leaders laughing at him - McSpocky™ 👽🌊
  • Tories threaten to review Channel 4 broadcast licence in ice sculpture meltdown - Keith Ordinary Guy #NHSLove
  • Prince William ... Unbelievably Passionate and deeply dedicated to his tour in middle East Showing the world once again he'll make a practically perfect Future King!! ...And ohhhh that million dollar smile Love the Cambridges - ❤ tweets with luv
  • A little misleading Express... This article highlights the AMAZING work Prince William and Duchess Catherine are doing to promote Good Mental Health I'd say HEARTFELT not heartbreaking Cambridges always helping others - ❤ tweets with luv
  • German car industry in a meltdown mode as 50000 job cuts announced across the sector as automakers restructure After Volkswagen, Daimler cuts 10,000 jobs over the next 3years, following decision to invest in EV while grappling with weakening sales. - Prasanna Viswanathan
  • Surprised that the Tories are getting angry with @Channel4 for empty chairing #borisjohnson and replacing him with an ice sculpture. His own fault for not bothering to turn up to the first #climatedebate on the biggest issue facing our planet! - Catherine Rowett 💚 MEP
  • Friday briefing: Conservatives in meltdown over ice stunt Boris Johnson replaced by ice sculpture at climate debate … US donors influencing UK politics revealed … #votetactically - Random Bits 🔶 #FBPE #FinalSay
  • Channel 4 unveil ice sculpture to replace Boris Johnson amid Tory debate meltdown - Mirror Politics
  • And cue twitter meltdown - again: "Former Democratic National Committee official Deshundra Jefferson described Buttigieg's campaign as "a threat" to Biden, saying Biden's camp "should be rightfully worried.” - CaramelSun
  • Piece from City, as Solskjaer impressively banishes questions on his future, and Guardiola invites a lot on the mental balance of his team. The 10-min meltdown after the penalty lost them the game, and probably the title - Miguel Delaney
  • They really don't like it when it's their turn, do they? Furious Tories refer Channel 4 to Ofcom over Boris Johnson ice sculpture meltdown, accuse them of being unfair, conspiring with Jeremy Corbyn and threaten to take their license away - liane #VoteLabour2019 🌹
  • Martin Rowson on Boris Johnson's ice sculpture meltdown – cartoon - Lightacandle
  • Global meltdown sounds much better than climate change... - Sheila Zilinsky 🇺🇸🎧
  • Friday briefing: Conservatives in meltdown over ice stunt Please read this. There is also right wing interference from the USA in our election supporting Boris Johnson & Farage. - MikeyNel
  • total of more than $3.7m (£2.9m) to rightwing UK groups in the past five years, raising questions about the influence of foreign funding on British politics. 05/11/2019 · The Conservatives have received more than £3.5 million from Russian funders... - Bill MacBeth
  • #strictly viewers sent into meltdown over Tess Daly's appearance - 'Unfinished' - Daily Express
  • #worldatfive A dirty makeshift maternity room run by an untrained midwife is symbolic of a country on the verge of meltdown. Jane Flanagan reports from Harare and Mashonaland Central. - The Times
  • Disgraced YouTuber Onision goes into meltdown following 'doxxing' allegations - Mirror Tech


Current moods 👶🏼:

Current moods 👶🏼: "Why God, did you send me to this place of torment?" 👧🏽 : "I can't wait till I'm 8 and can swim in my clothes whenever I want." Chin up little ladies...

I promised myself not to take this race to seriously but I'm starting to feel a bit nervous. Happy t

I promised myself not to take this race to seriously but I'm starting to feel a bit nervous. Happy that the swim is on though but the bike legs going to hurt bad. Thanks love for y...


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