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  • #exo is a group of meme-worthy members - Soompi
  • "You can no longer write a long, boring story and imagine that everyone reads it just ’cause it was in the New York Times. And I think a lot of the biggest stories are now being driven by the online reaction." - Society of Professional Journalists
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  • Oh my. Lol. He needs to avoid hats. - Jennifer Freda
  • Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney wore a stars and stripes shirt and a "Space Force" hat after getting off Air Force One and immediately became a meme. - HuffPost Politics
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  • So if there's just one thing of mine you read this election, please make it this one! There's an article summarising the findings at the top of this thread. And here's the companion piece with weird details about what the public are seeing on their phones. - Jim Waterson
  • Brands want consumers to love them like a trusted friend. To goad people into it, they're stealing jokes and memes from unsuspecting Twitter users, writes @amandamull. - The Atlantic
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THANK YOU GOD like honestly i think it’s cool that glimmer is learning magic and stuff but having

THANK YOU GOD like honestly i think it’s cool that glimmer is learning magic and stuff but having shadow weaver give you LIFE ADVICE and a whole other thing ... he’s just livin...