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  • At least 5 trademark applications are pending for “OK Boomer,” according to a database for the U.S. federal patent office, including one by Fox Media, which hopes to use it for a possible television series. - The New York Times
  • The Epstein murder is unravelling. His guards have now been charged with falsifying records the night of his death. It will go all the way to the top. This would all have been swept under the rug if not for the attention of our memes. Memes have power. - John McAfee
  • "Gen Z-ers and millennials who hold the boomers responsible for milking the system dry are understandably resentful. Yet many in the older crowd have volubly indicated their hurt feelings, asserting that the meme represents a gross generalization" - TIME
  • Lil Nas X was a 19-year-old college dropout when he bought a twangy rap beat from a Dutch stranger on the internet. The song he created, “Old Town Road,” is now up for the Grammy for record of the year. In Diary of a Song, he shows us how he made it. - The New York Times
  • Dolly Parton is captivating a whole new generation. At 73, she’s the subject of a podcast and the inspiration behind a Netflix series. She also knows her way around a “Jolene” meme. - The New York Times
  • 16 Funny Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The New "Charlie's Angels" - BuzzFeed
  • Powerful, I am. - LADbible
  • Canada is a meme: "Minister of Middle Class Prosperity" "Minister of Diversity" "Minister of Women and Gender Equality" - Chris Tomlinson
  • Trump's ridiculous notes have spawned more Sharpie memes - Mashable
  • After Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, opened his impeachment inquiry testimony by stating that he “followed the president’s orders” in pressuring Ukraine, the reaction on social media was swift - TIME
  • One Twitter user felt Trump would have been better served promising to protect Baby Yoda than reading from his actual notes. - HuffPost
  • "U still coming tonight?" - BuzzFeed
  • Oh my god Facebook GIVE UP - Holly Brockwell
  • From a Kermit dance to a Mario mashup, take a look a some of the remixes Nicholas Britell's opening-credits score for #successionhbo inspired on Twitter - Hollywood Reporter
  • Generational griping is, of course, nothing new. But for the first time, the U.S. workforce now spans five generations — from the Silent Generation to Gen Z. Here's a look at how those dynamics are playing out at work. - NPR
  • "Unless the older generation really lets their ego down and allows the younger generation to come on board and challenge the way they do things, there's gonna be this disconnect," says Meagan Johnson, a consultant for companies on generational differences. - NPR
  • Highly recommend this for everyone. - juj
  • Hi no I won't stop talking about #charliesangels - Jenna Guillaume
  • 20 Excellent Memes Of "RuPaul's Drag Race UK" For Your Enjoyment - BuzzFeed LGBTQ


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