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  • Sushi happiness at any price: Spend a lot — or a little — at Bellevue’s Minamoto - The Seattle Times
  • The art of Japanese sweets at Minamoto Kitchoan: - Epoch Taste
  • Latest high-end sushi experience in #seattle area also offers cheaper choices. @ProviCicero reviews Minamoto: - Ken Lambert
  • Someone seriously needs to make a treatment of Minamoto no Yorimitsu and the Four Guardian Kings, especially their battle against the oni Shuten-dôji. For those of you who don't know the story, the BBC wrote an article on it: - hessan_yongdi
  • Here’s everything Shigeru Minamoto told us about ‘Super Mario Run’ — - WIRED Culture
  • Saga Shimbun article about its special edition "Zombie Land Saga" pilgrimage guide, which includes interviews with voice actor Hondo Kaede (Minamoto Sakura), Cygames president Koichi Watanabe and director of animation Takenaka Nobuhiro - Michael Vito
  • "I am Japanese," states mixed race beauty queen, Ariana Minamoto. It's time for Japan to get over this. - Elizabeth Tasker
  • ・The kingdom’s only hope is to enlist the agile mind and limber muscles of a fabled warrior, Minamoto no Yorimitsu, and his crack squad of skilled swordsmen known as the Four Guardian Kings. - iffify
  • Came for the outrage, stayed for the Minamoto clan member in modern France - Naftali “too much news” Quartey
  • *Mira de reojo a Oda Nobunaga* *Mira de reojo a Tokugawa Ieyasu* *Mira de reojo a Takeda Shingen* *Mira de reojo a Minamoto no Yoritomo* Por favor que alguien les diga que el bushido es un invento de la era Meiji. - L the Girl in Black
  • #kminamoto すべてのメニューに果実を使用したカフェレストラン「K. MINAMOTO」から “いちご”を使用した期間限定メニューが登場 #rmいちご情報 - Strawberry Information
  • Minamoto Tarou's historical series Fuuunjitachi to get live action TV series, set to air on NHK in January 2018: - Desu_SA
  • #icecream #mochi is all the rage in London this #summer. Head to Minamoto Kitchoan for the real thing - Cake Sans Frontiers
  • Great insight to Shigeru Minamoto. How the inventor of Mario designs a game - Dipak Patel
  • Nintendo t-shirt design contest will be judged by Shigeru Minamoto #nintendo4life - dd0ck
  • RT United0044 #gaming: #nintendo's #minamoto on return of ' #starfox ' ,, - Family Farm Seaside
  • Ariana Minamoto, Miss Japan. First mixed-race winner provokes debate - Al


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