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  • Minecraft is the top YouTube game of 2019, thanks to a boost from PewDiePie: - Kotaku
  • A Star Wars fan is bringing Baby Yoda to Minecraft complete with Force powers and soup to drink. - IGN
  • Minecraft Dungeons Is The Kiddie Diablo - Insta: zyonxdesigner
  • Anyone hear anything about this "Mindcraft server stuff"? What real purpose would it serve at the Vatican? - Kathleen Lessman
  • Minecraft is still the biggest game on YouTube by tens of billions of views - The Verge
  • I never really played Minecraft but this is very progressive. - Shaun Brant
  • This is what happens when the Vatican meets Minecraft - Mary
  • "Competitors may take up to four days .... to train their AIs to find a diamond. That’s still a lot longer than it would take a child to learn, but much faster than typical AI models" --nature, flying the the flag for numeracy since 1869 - michael ramscar
  • It was a nice surprise - _OMEGA _07
  • The Vatican started a 'Minecraft' game server — but it didn't go exactly as planned - Business Insider
  • Best Black Friday 2019 gaming deals — PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox: BEST DEALS LIVE RIGHT NOW * Nintendo Switch Lite + $25 coupon — $199 at GameStop only * Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB + Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, and Minecraft Bundle — Save… - Laura Rivas
  • Minecraft Is The Top YouTube Game Of 2019, Thanks To A Boost From PewDiePie - KotakuBot
  • YouTube Rewind 2019 charts put 'Minecraft,' PewDiePie at the top - Southside Technology
  • Righteous cobblestones. - PEDESTRIAN.TV
  • Priest creates Vatican Minecraft server that's quickly sabotaged - New York Post
  • Baby Yoda Is Being Added to Minecraft - Discountgamez
  • The Vatican May Get It's Own #minecraft Server: A Jesuit priest is planning to put a #minecraft server together to help people unite their technological hobbies with their faith. - Video Game News
  • The Vatican May Get It's Own Minecraft Server - worldofgamers


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