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  • “'We need something different, and we need sustainable energy now,' Musk said, before rolling out a vehicle that looks like something an 8-year-old built in Minecraft." - Taylor Lorenz
  • Minecraft Earth Early Access for Android, iOS Goes Live in India - Gadgets 360
  • It's theoretically possible to beat Minecraft without picking up a single item - spooky scary saisons
  • Minecraft is getting vehicles now? - BuddaWil
  • Microsoft's most ambitious mobile title to date is here. 'Minecraft Earth' is now in the US. Will you be playing? - WIRED
  • Minecraft Dungeons is the kiddie Diablo: - Kotaku
  • The #cybertruck looks like a DeLorean that was designed in Minecraft - A Jason Tabrys
  • YouTube's reaction to the COPPA fine might be the most under reported sweeping change to the Internet in 2019. KreekCraft says it best, if Fortnite/Minecraft are deemed "for kids", the vast majority of gaming content would demonetize overnight. - Loren Segal
  • Looks like Tesla used Minecraft to design this beast. Wouldn't catch me paying for that. - Ronan Tully
  • Sustainable design is about more than materials; it’s also about building for people. #dyk city planners & designers worldwide are engaging communities to help plan public spaces using Minecraft? Take a look at this @newyorktimesnew article to learn more: - Kawneer
  • "He doesn’t play chess or any musical instruments. But he loves Fortnite and Minecraft and watches Netflix" - furqan (فرقان)
  • Choice #cybertruck analyst quotes: "Elon Musk has been playing too much Minecraft." "The ultimate virtue- and vice-signaling machine" "Mad Musk, Fury Road" "Looked more like a stealth bomber than a pickup truck" - Jeremy C. Owens
  • Minecraft Earth looks pretty cool. Imagine Minecraft meets Pokemon Go to create your Minecraft structures in the real world (via AR ;)) - Dan Taylor 🌐
  • Sensor Tower: Minecraft Earth dug up 1.2 million U.S. downloads in its first week - HP Targeting, Inc.
  • Oh?! @Tesla has built a minecraft truck ! #cybrtrk #teslacybertruck - valérie lefèvre-nejman 🇫🇷 🇸🇪
  • Interesting... Minecraft Earth is available in the US for fans hoping to play the AR game early - CNN #technology #tech #technews Read More Here: - Chuck Russell
  • If you’ve ever signed an Organ Donation card, know that they will remove your organs while you are alive. - Healthiest Club
  • 'Minecraft Earth' early access arrives in the US - john montgomery
  • 'Minecraft Dungeons' will arrive in April 2020 - TWALe