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  • I Can Go Anywhere review – asylum seeker's mod makeover - Guardian culture
  • Automatic license plate reader cameras are controversial enough when law enforcement deploys them. Now, one hacker has found a way to put a sample of that power into the hands of anyone with a Tesla and a few hundred dollars to spare. - WIRED
  • India-Maldives defence cooperation projects: construction of Composite Trg Centre (CTC) for the MNDF, and MoD Building, and the setting up of Coastal Surveillance Radars, trg programmes for MNDF officials in India, joint exercises, gifting of CGS Kaamiyaab - Abhijit Singh
  • MoD faces criticism as it admits widespread asbestos failings - The Guardian
  • The Ministry of Defence is mounting a legal bid to quash a verdict that the Army's killing of an IRA man was unjustified. - mcbronto
  • This is in addition to procurement of 14 Dornier 228 aircraft from HAL worth Rs 1,100 crore through a contract signed in February 2015. - Economic Times
  • After months of denials it has finally admitted #asbestos failings. Tanks, boats, aircraft, buildings. What next? - R B Asbestos
  • In a Major relief to civilians living in cantonment areas can now improve building conditions as MoD has remove ambiguity in cantt laws which did not permit repairs without sanction. - madhav
  • Lying MoD police officer 'would have been sacked' - BBC Look East
  • My Ss w IEPs say I need smarter ways to collect/analyze data so they don't languish in academic purgatory. Exploring #googlesheets to track acquisition of ALT/MOD expectations, link IEP goals to daily practice, communicate to parents & set goals w Ss. - Andrew Pearson
  • Historic court settlement brought by Liberty human rights organisation: MoD has apologised and restored medals to British Falklands war navy veteran who served for 18 years then discharged in 1993 because of an armed forces ban on LGBT people serving. - Rob de Nazar🔶🌿🌈 Unite-Pro-PR 🧡💚❤️💙💛 👏👏👍
  • Well I missed this one! I was hopelessly in love with her at age 16... - Richard Kershaw
  • Ministry of Defence has admitted widespread failings in the management of asbestos across its estate, prompting accusations that it could have handed a death sentence to thousands of employees exposed to the carcinogen - Socialist Voice 🌐
  • No news to any Seaking people - except vast under-estimate of how many involved - MoD faces criticism as it admits widespread asbestos failings - Frank Scott
  • "Following his campaign, the MOD announced plans to restore medals to all affected personnel ahead of the 20th anniversary of ending the ban that will be marked in January." @MetroUK - bisexual.org
  • Priti Patel paid £1,000 an hour as adviser to firm supplying MoD | Politics | The Guardian - Dandy Wartrol
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Lightning Tomahawk Weapon Mod - Chris Cargoe
  • In this exclusive interview with @IndiaToday Adm Karambir Singh outlines the threat fm ‘maritime non-state actors ‘ and @indiannavy mod plans. - Sandeep


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