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  • "At one modeling event, Trump allegedly went down a line of women feeling their bodies to guess their dress size. Backstage at a lingerie show, he is said to have moved his hands all over a model’s breasts under the guise of inspecting the bra’s fabric." - Pedro Nicolaci da Costa
  • Trump could easily win re-election in 2020, according to modeling by Moody’s Analytics. The Moody’s models have been highly accurate, missing only once since the 1980 election. - CNBC
  • "They were just matching and modeling what black youth were saying was the pulse." - Fast Company
  • A fascinating long read about mathematical modeling and statistics applied to the study of history(especially revolutions), as in the work of Peter Turchin (ht Alice Nadeau). - Steven Strogatz
  • Epstein’s Pal Jean-Luc Brunel Quietly Sells Off His Infamous Modeling Biz - Karen Camille
  • My new post: @DrChrisClack has completed his high-resolution modeling of Colorado’s energy system. Turns out the state’s cleanest option — deep decarbonization via renewable energy + electrification of transportation & heating — it also its cheapest. - David Roberts
  • Jameela Jamil and Sara Sampaio engage in a Twitter feud over modeling - Emifati Zebua
  • "For most of human history, the question of whether or not life exists elsewhere has belonged only within the philosophical realm. It's only in recent years that we have had the modeling tools & observational technology to address this question." - Jake Turner
  • Jeffrey Epstein accuser tells Dr. Oz how abuse left her suicidal - Richard F
  • In Her Own Words: Kaia Gerber on Modeling, Her Mother, and MeToo - Per
  • We are now modeling corruption to the rest of the world rather than clean governance in the public interest. - Laurel McClure
  • Trump will not be removed as President. Trump could win bigger in 2020. "Moody’s modeling, which has only missed on one presidential election since 1980, found that Trump.. could easily surpass those results in 2020." #trumpimpeachment #impeachmenthearings - truth
  • [email protected] is modeling campaign life self-care! - melissa “DentalCareForAll” byrne
  • Casting director #jamesscully. bringing a new level of scrutiny to working conditions for #models. - Brad Starks
  • First study to combine 3-D climate modeling with chemistry refines which #exoplanets are potentially habitable - K.Llewellin
  • A strategy for quality evaluation of salt-treated Apocyni Veneti Folium and discovery of efficacy-associated markers by fingerprint-activity relationship modeling - Kermit Murray
  • Pete Buttigieg modeling that no-nonsense, straight-talking, radical transparency this world needs more of. - Sarah Lazare
  • Interested in how phage and bacteria interact in mucus? If so, check our latest contribution @LuqueLab combining modeling and experimental data in @SciReports: - Toni Luque
  • The Pirates seem to have narrowed down the candidates for the GM position. But will they stick to modeling themselves after small-market clubs that have experienced recent success? From: @JMackeyPG - Post-Gazette Sports



Дорогие мои, устроим новую викторину?) ⠀ Впереди у меня

Дорогие мои, устроим новую викторину?) ⠀ Впереди у меня очень много интересных проектов — это буде...