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  • Victoria's Secret's New Campaign Features Transgender and Plus-Size Models - ELLE Magazine (US)
  • My new post: for the first time, scientists have conducted a systematic review of climate models, going back to the late 1970s, assessing how well they predicted the rise in global temperatures. Spoiler: they’ve been accurate all along. - David Roberts
  • Climate models are often attacked, but most of the time they're remarkably good - Los Angeles Times
  • "A person has only two eyes, one brain, five screens, and approximately 3,000 brand-new streaming models," @emilynussbaum writes, about the difficulty of compiling this year’s top TV shows. "And so, reader, I tried." - The New Yorker
  • Climate deniers have always attacked the models used in climate science. Now, for the first time, scientists have conducted a systematic review of those models, dating back to the late 1970s. The verdict? They’ve been accurate from the beginning. - Vox
  • Provinces and territories are facing higher health-care costs as demand grows and our population ages. We're implementing innovative new models of care but we need additional financial support from the federal government as a full funding partner. - Christine Elliott
  • BMW warns owners to stop driving older models over air bag concerns - The Hill
  • Are Google and Facebook's business models a threat to human rights? - Amnesty International
  • Scientists have gotten predictions of global warming right since the 1970s. The first systematic review finds that climate models have been remarkably accurate. This is contrary to deniers, who claim that models overestimate warming - Robert Went
  • This article helpfully resurrects the quotes of all the American leftists who said Corbyn-style socialism is a good model for the Left to follow here. I agree! Because it leads to the destruction of the Left - Dinesh D'Souza
  • Confirmed once again: Climate models have accurately predicted global heating, study finds - Stefan Rahmstorf
  • Climate models have been right for decades - Gizmodo
  • The left pervasively argued Corbyn was a model for success in the US. His massive defeat should prompt a rethink. - Jonathan Chait
  • How accurate have past climate models been? Pretty darn good, new study looking at 17 of them shows. - seth borenstein
  • Climate models were right, are right, will continue to be right - Brian Kahn
  • Mercedes delays electric vehicle debut after Jaguar & Audi fail to keep up with Tesla Initial electric vehicles of Jaguar and Audi in the US market have underwhelmed on the sales charts, failing to keep up even with Tesla’s years-old Model S & X. - Amit Paranjape
  • Tesla's Model 3 is outselling every other EV in the US 10 to 1—and looks like that won't change for a while. Mercedes just delayed EQC another year, VW is waiting until 2022, GM has vague plans for 2021. Only big debuts for late 2020 are Rivian and Mustang - Tom Randall
  • 'I don't feel like a role model': Finland's new 34-year-old leader - Reuters
  • #porsche plans to start selling its electric #taycan model in India next year - Economic Times



December 🎄❤️a month of snowy, lights and parties; time to amend loose ends; finish what you s

December 🎄❤️a month of snowy, lights and parties; time to amend loose ends; finish what you started and I hope your wishes come true 🌟❄️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....