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  • Boris Johnson says we can't have free ports (or tax-free zones) at the moment. That's not correct - there are over 80 free ports across the EU and the UK had them until 2012 - BBC Reality Check
  • I think I’ve got something in my eye? Moment baby daughter's new hearing aids are turned on. Absolutely fantastic! - Paddy McGuinness
  • I once doubted that Pelosi, about to turn 80, was the right leader for Democrats against Trump. But she was made for this moment. - Dana Milbank
  • "Give me a hug": 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren shares emotional moment with young voter over struggle for acceptance. - ABC News
  • Rep. Duncan Hunter will resign after the holidays, following his guilty plea. Now is a good moment to follow and support Democrat @ACampaNajjar, in solidarity with the good people of #ca50, who should give real representation a try. #demcast #demcastca - Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸 #DemCast
  • At least some GOP House members would "like to step out" against Trump "but they just can't because of their base at the moment." Translated, they CAN step out against Trump but care more about themselves and staying in office than doing the right thing. - Orin Kerr
  • This is the terrifying moment firefighters in Australia were forced to run to escape an 'explosion of fire' in the trees overhead. No crew members were injured. Australia's unprecedented bushfires have been burning for weeks - The Guardian
  • With all the election nonsense going on this is a much better watch - Phil woodford
  • After successfully blocking GOP attacks on the ACA, we were on offense for one blessed week. Then @BernieSanders intro'd Medicare for All & others followed him over the cliff. We should be on offense on healthcare. We're the party for covering everyone. - Michael Bennet
  • There is no doubt that Chinese officials deserve Magnitsky sanctions for MK/MS — in the event that they are charged. Other countries may want to join us in that. - Margaret McCuaig-Johnston
  • NEW: @AndrewYang's campaign raised $750,000 on Saturday, his largest single-day haul to date. What's most interesting about it: The big haul wasn't tied to a typical major fundraising moment, like a debate or end-of-quarter push - Zach Montellaro
  • 2002 — In an unforgettable and teary Oscars moment, @HalleBerry becomes the FIRST Black woman to win Best Actress for “Monster’s Ball.” - Refinery29
  • “When I woke up, I realized it was not a moment to change my life,” said a British woman who survived a six-hour cardiac arrest. “It was a moment to realize that there isn’t anything that I want to change. I like my life.” - New York Times World
  • Another #champagnepsychics moment...Kenny and T. recently discussed how Issa Rae can't generate new original ideas...Insecure is basically Girlfriends but for social media and smartphone era and her last announced project was a Set it Off Remake...now this - Champagne Sharks Podcast
  • The Trudeau government has sent a clear signal to Xi Jinping. Hostage-taking and trade bullying works. Unless Canada stands up for the rule of law, and stands up to Beijing, it won’t stop. It will only get worse. - Terry Glavin
  • There are a lot of things to be cynical about at the moment. This is NOT one of them! BBC News - Moment baby daughter's new hearing aids are turned on - Neil Drysdale
  • This is entirely wonderful... - John Sutherland
  • Cody Stamann: Fighting a prospect like Song Yadong a deja vu moment at #ufcdc - MMA Junkie
  • I love sport but learning about Lukasz, who battled the terrorist on London Bridge, I can't help thinking that we overly mythologise sports stars. We salute their courage, their sacrifice; we bestow knighthoods. And we overlook the real heroes of society - Matthew Syed




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Dog, Downton Abbey, and The Dutch House ❤ • In between all that goodness, I've been eating copious amounts of leftovers, catching up on sleep, wading through laundry, and getti...