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  • Tattoo experts from 22 countries are showing off their skills at a convention in the Swiss lakeside city of Montreux. - ABC News
  • Elton John delivers message of tolerance at first, last Montreux show - Reuters
  • No one outside of those in attendance at the 1973 Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland had ever been able to see Carole King's earth-moving set –– until now. - NPR
  • "Jared Kushner, senior advisor to President Donald Trump, is set to attend this year’s #bilderberg Meeting in the Swiss town of Montreux this week" ➜ - Charlie Skelton
  • MONTREUX, Switzerland (Reuters) - Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry brought vintage rock to the mythic stage of the Montreux Jazz Festival on Thursday, performing as the Hollywood Vampires for a sellout crowd. - LuckyMuggle
  • Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Joe Perry storm Montreux stage - Reuters Showbiz
  • In 1964, living in opulence at Switzerland’s Montreux Palace Hotel, Vladimir Nabokov began to keep a dream diary of a sort, dutifully inscribing his memories on index cards at his bedside: - The New Yorker
  • Jamie Cullum brings new material to Montreux, takes a jab at Trump - Reuters
  • Looks like Jared Kushner & Jason Greenblatt came to Israel only for Netanyahu's anticipated coronation, landing on Wednesday a few hours before the Knesset vote. By Thursday, Kushner was headed to Montreux, his unseen peace plan moot. - Noga Tarnopolsky
  • Gilberto Gil, Iggy Pop, Pharrell, Nick Cave, Jack White, Massive Attack e Deep Purple vão tocar no Festival de Jazz de Montreux - G1
  • Drafters of Japan's new NDPG decided to classify Izumo DDH "multi-purpose operation destroyer" to skirt the Pacifist Constitution. Not new, since anyway the Soviets called the Kiev class "aviation-carrying cruiser" to avoid violating Montreux Convention. - Collin Koh
  • Today is the 65th anniversary of Eurovision - not the song contest, but the network by which television programmes and footage have been exchanged since 1954. The first shared programme was a flower festival from Montreux. - BBC Genome
  • Folk-Legende Joan Baez sagt "Farewell" in Montreux - euronews Deutsch
  • “In Montreux, political and business leaders from Western nations are gathering for the 67th Bilderberg Meeting, an annual forum in which participants agree not to reveal exactly what was said or who said it. It is a shadow version of Davos...” - blmohr
  • Which is the #bilderberg2019 body double? Teleporting from Switzerland to Israel between sessions @DeYook? Jared Kushner is in two places at once... Montreux - Tony Gosling ✈
  • Johnny Depp's Hollywood Vampires, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop to headline Switzerland's Montreux Jazz Festival - MadDepphead
  • Jazz Stars Come Out for All-night Montreux Jam for Quincy Jones - The Voice of America
  • Visited beautiful Montreux this afternoon to welcome Secretary Pompeo and Jared Kushner to the Bilderberg meeting. Nobody took me up on my offer of a guided tour on the site of the JCPOA talks in Lausanne. AP reporter used a quote that made AP and Washpo. - Kenneth Oye


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