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  • Barnard Student Fatally Stabbed in N.Y.C. Park was 'Beautiful' and Musically Talented: Grandmother - People
  • Not my cup of tea musically (but you'd be surprised what I listen to) but this is just one more step. - Paul M.
  • The Game thinks 50 Cent needs him to be musically relevant again - XXL Magazine
  • Really senseless... - Tiffany Stone
  • Alicia Keys musically recaps 2019 as host of The Late Late Show - Entertainment Weekly
  • I got: Chanyeol I've always said that musically talking, he is the one - ⛄
  • for everyone asking why its because theres a national security issue they censored some political content tiktok is owned by a chinese company also musically had already been investigated but tiktok didnt get clearance from cifus - sadie
  • Does He Understand Music is Life for Some and A Means yo an End for Others...Nah Probably Not His Album Just Came Out he in Promo mode - Vicc Venom
  • @mashrou3leila is an Arab band and a powerhouse, both musically and politically. I am eternally grateful these four got together and Mashrou Leila was born. Any Arab shutting them out is doing themselves a disservice. - Minnie
  • What's striking is that this doesn't have to be remotely legal or deter university discrimination or even have any actual bearing on anything BDS..._right now_ this is echoing loud and clear in all the darkest corners, musically to those ears. - Neil Hellegers
  • OH MY GOD THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Her Rusulka was STUNNING musically and this is an amazing move by the @SFOpera - Kevin Atkinson
  • This article is really odd. The author wants us to believe that musically speaking this country is mired in Brexity nostalgia but his own article proves that actually it isn't, it's tolerant and open to everything. It's pure Dave Spart, - Ivan Hewett
  • Liam Payne describes himself as the 'antichrist' Harry Styles - MaryM Robin ✒📝 ☕The Mary Way
  • This is why @JKCorden and the #latelateshow is in a league of its own! @Harry_Styles kills it as well! Musically talented and with good comedic chops! #crosswalkconcert #brilliant - ChicagoWryter
  • Apparently helium is not so musically talented! Nature Podcast about #asa178 @ASA_POMA - Tatsuki
  • ‘An elegantly written, musically wise book in which the authors reveal […] not only the worlds embedded in their chosen songs but the worlds from which they somehow sprang.’ @smh reviews THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME by @Fordwritesmusic and @AnniHeino. - Black Inc.
  • Irony - Yousuf Zubair
  • Sad & disappointing to see that the staging of the opera by a woman is politically and not musically motivated... #viennaoperahouse stages first opera by woman via @bbc - Arash Farzaneh


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