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  • Another lie on Electoral Bonds nailed: They are Traceable (only by govt & its agencies): So, Bonds were introduced which allow corporate Bribes/black money to parties, despite Opp by ECI & RBI. All rules flouted. Govt lied repeatedly. BJP got 95% of 6KCr! - Prashant Bhushan
  • TN Niman hits the nail on its head: Arvind Kejriwal is chhota Modi minus (for the time being) Muslim bashing. - Yogendra Yadav
  • #electoralbonds Investigations Part 4: Modi govt's lie on anonymity of bonds gets nailed conclusively: Bonds are traced from donor to political party, via secret numbering. Enforcement agencies can access this trail. And, Jaitley tried an illegal act too - Nitin Sethi
  • Yet another lie on electoral bonds exposed. The Modi government had claimed that this legalisation of political corruption would remain anonymous. Only government and it's enforcement agencies know who gave how much to which party. - Sitaram Yechury
  • Electoral Bonds Are Traceable: Documents Nail Govt Lie On Anonymity, reports ⁦@nit_set⁩ - nikhil wagle
  • It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s @Harry_Styles as the tender, well-dressed rockstar of today. - Vogue Magazine
  • Pt 4: The SBI, enforcement agencies *can* actually know the identities of donors, which means the govt can know them too. #electoralbonds are only 'untraceable' to the Indian public and opposition parties, @nit_set reports - HuffPost India
  • Means who so ever will donate to Opposition parties can be traced and harassed (AAP already experienced this in past) Electoral bonds are traceable: Documents nail govt lie on anonymity - Arun Arora
  • 'Untraceable' #electoralbonds are actually traceable by SBI, enforcement agencies and don’t really provide a donor with anonymity from the govt. They're only anonymous to the Indian public and opposition parties. #paisapolitics - HuffPost India
  • Contrary to its claim, Modi govt can trace who donated how much to which political party through electoral bonds. In fact, the only people in dark about the source of these donations are the Indian public and opposition parties. #electoralbondsscam - Ravi Nair
  • Electoral bonds are traceable - small hitch, they’re traceable only to the government. So essentially no one will know who has donated to the government, but the government can know who has donated to the opposition parties. Transparency, Indian style. - Mythili
  • “In a sane world, Sondland’s testimony would have ended the Trump presidency. But Republicans have made clear that their devotion to Trump is irrational and, like other religious faiths, not subject to rational refutation.” ⁦@MaxBoot⁩ nails it again - Hussein Ibish
  • In Part IV of his series on the Electoral Bond Scam @nit_set reveals that the SBI is more than just a bank - it is the repository of all trace of the bond, which leaves it as a convenient tool for selective harassment while transparency be damned - Sridhar V
  • How badly we need a new Sir John Betjeman to fight for the industrial and architectural soul of London. Disgraceful plan for Whitechapel Bell Foundry is another nail in the coffin for the East End's heritage - Martin Townsend
  • Sanjivani 2 actress Surbhi Chandna nails the classic white on denim combo - TOI - TV Times
  • Comedian Jeff Ross debuted his spot-on Gordon Sondland on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" - The Daily Beast
  • Update: Tennessee is fighting tooth and nail to block the evidence from being tested. - Hannah Cox
  • 18 Non-Basic Nail Colors To Wear This Winter - ELLE Magazine (US)
  • This piece nails why fixating on process & "meta-questions" over practical, straightforward Qs about policy inhibits thoughtful conversation & debate (and makes for terrible TV) #demdebate - Stephanie Beechem


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