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  • Listening to the viral video, it becomes clear that the claim about the students raising anti-Hindu slogans is false. They were actually raising slogans against Hindutva, Savarkar, BJP, Brahminism and casteism. - The Wire
  • Any other juror, in any major trial, would be removed if they indicated they were inclined to coordinate directly with the defendant and vote not guilty BEFORE the trial. #moscowmitch is breaking the Senate to protect a law-breaking "president." - BrooklynDad_Defiant!
  • When a situation arises, it is very normal for celebrities and people in influential position to use their clout to appeal to people for peace. However, Akhtar, instead of appealing for peace, used this opportunity to try and bully an individual. - OpIndia.com
  • U.S. military officials are trying to determine whether a hand gesture displayed by cadets and midshipmen during a broadcast of the Army-Navy football game on Saturday was meant to express racist sentiments - The New York Times
  • What's striking is that Tom Perez—made Chairman by a handful of party super-insiders—seems to actually believe it’s his prerogative to determine the presidential field & which candidates we get to see & hear from. Democratic voters should decide. Period. - Michael Bennet
  • Opinion: A new report says that more and more U.S. cities are making it illegal to sleep outside, on the street, in a park or in your car. That doesn't resolve the problems of people who have no place to live, @nprscottsimon says. It just relocates them. - NPR
  • So @TomPerez is open to changing the debate rules after @CoryBooker is out so that Bloomberg can get on the stage with no grassroots support. What’s the word for that? - Ryan Grim
  • Awww man, my bad. I lied about you then spied on you then portrayed you as a criminal. Sorry 'bout that dog. - Andrew Wilkow
  • Regina King has been on the road to 'Watchmen' for 25 years. She has no regrets - LAT Entertainment
  • Fred West: 'I had many nice BBQs on that patio but no one talks about that, do they' - Mhairi McFarlane
  • "Expecting Muslims to not react to threat of being made stateless is like expecting a patient to feel no pain over a terminal illness. The anguish of these protests is not just about CAA-NRC, it is a catharsis of the alienation of the last few years." - Aditya Menon
  • [email protected]: “As often as I can, I try to say no to having meetings with politicians. It’s just small talk, basically. And of course they want to take selfies. I’m a bit tired of selfies right now” #timepoy - TIME
  • A Vietnam veteran with no known family members will be laid to rest Tuesday morning at Beaufort National Cemetery, and the Beaufort County Coroner’s Office is asking members of the public to attend. - Stars and Stripes
  • The Democrat-Media Alliance doesn’t care about the military. They don’t care about black people, children, gay people, women, immigrants, or whatever other thing they pretend to care about. They care about Leftism. Everyone is just a means to that end. - Jesse Kelly
  • 'So what has @ScottMorrisonMP done to deserve a Hawaii vacation? Absolutely nothing. Volunteer firefighters have been risking their lives for over a month straight for $0 with no luxurious Hawaii holiday in sight'. No fresh air for them #morrisonfires - 💧🌱Dr Josie McSkimming 🌸🐧🐦🌳🌈🌿🕸🦋
  • No, Rahul Gandhi did not say ‘women should be raped’, as minister Smriti Irani claimed in Parliament #jhootiirani Stop peddling fake news @smritiirani You're a habitual liar - Bose Shruti
  • If you’ve got a girl’s body then by definition you’ve got a girl’s brain, since your brain is in your body. Your body is you. You are a girl. There are no thoughts that boys can have that girls cannot. - boodolph
  • This kind of thing must stop. Failing upwards. Being rewarded for standing on the most anti-democratic platform in modern politics. ‘A lot to offer politics’? No, she has nothing except arrogance, self-righteous Wokeness and delusion - Peter Whittle AM
  • A more accurate headline might have been: 'Nothing of any consequence revealed in lazy Twitter trawl from AFP that we reprinted because we no longer understand what real journalism is'. - Shaun Micallef




Ya ustala: hochu spat’, kushat’ i smotret’ mul’tik «princessa lebed’».... Vsem sovetuyu!

Ya ustala: hochu spat’, kushat’ i smotret’ mul’tik «princessa lebed’».... Vsem sovetuyu! Ochen’ krutoi mul’t!🦢 ⠀ ⠀...

🌟TACOS ANTI 32 GRADOS A LA SOMBRA 🌈😂😛 • 🌟Con este calor no sabes que comer ?????

🌟TACOS ANTI 32 GRADOS A LA SOMBRA 🌈😂😛 • 🌟Con este calor no sabes que comer ????? ✔️Rapiditas integrales ✔️Jamón natural y queso ✔️Tomate fresco y list...

🙋🏻‍♀️Muy buenos días comunidad🖐🏼 Qué tal arrancamos este JUEVES ? 😀😀 Vamos

🙋🏻‍♀️Muy buenos días comunidad🖐🏼 Qué tal arrancamos este JUEVES ? 😀😀 Vamos ARRIBA 💪🏼⏰ Que nada te detenga, un nuevo día para comenzar no les pare...