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  • When you board an airliner, the onboard emergency medical kit may not have life-saving drugs that someone might suddenly need, and you almost certainly will not know it, because FAA has quietly granted airlines waivers to depart without them. - Sully Sullenberger
  • Let's be very clear. Not showing up to a Leaders Debate on the greatest crisis of our time is an utter dereliction of duty. If the Conservatives were even half serious about the climate crisis then Boris Johnson would change his mind. #climatedebate - Caroline Lucas
  • A Utah woman has been charged with lewdness after her stepchildren walked into a room — in her own home — and saw her bare chest. Her husband was similarly clad, but was not charged with a crime. - NPR
  • The Constitution not only lists bribery as grounds for impeachment, but forbids federal officials from taking gifts or “emoluments” from other governments.That makes bribery involving a foreign government doubly impeachable. - Laurence Tribe
  • The annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show will not be held this year. The decision comes amid mounting criticism that the show is out of touch and sexist - Reuters
  • Why not just arbitrarily confer rank to whoever? Make generals who are "loyal". Crap all over the service of every honorable soldier, sailor, airman, marine by conceding commendation on the worst among them -- why not? Clearly nothing matters anymore. - Molly McKew
  • Devin Nunes Says ‘It’s The Democrats Who Got Caught,’ Not Trump - Daily Caller
  • BJP’s ‘donation saga’ gets murkier- #electoralbondscam to donations from accused of ‘terror funding’! Why did BJP receive Cr’s in donation from a Co. accused of buying properties of Iqbal Mirchi,a Dawood Ibrahim aid? Is this not ‘treason’ Mr Amit Shah? - Randeep Singh Surjewala
  • California Democrats should stop weaponizing the law for political purposes and instead focus on solving actual problems that Californians face every day. Today’s decision by the CA Supreme Court is not only a win for voters across the nation. - Kevin McCarthy
  • Bad news: 'Unblockable' web trackers emerge. Good news: Firefox with uBlock Origin can stop it. Chrome, not so much - The Register
  • Not only has it been proven that @Kaepernick7’s waiver was not “standard”. It appears that a larger issue has come about that agents weren’t even aware of these waivers to begin with. - Eric Reid
  • Four companies contracted in 2015 were meant to deliver 2,500 RDP houses by 2017. To date, they have only completed 718, and of those, many have not yet been handed over. - Times LIVE
  • No, do NOT step down, Prime Minister Netanyahu.  I’ve carefully reviewed these charges and they’re outrageous.  This is an assault on freedom of the press and the investigation was corrupt.  And your media is ever worse than ours. - Mark R. Levin
  • New info just added on our story tonight about this IG discovery/Durham criminal investigation. It was an FBI line attorney (meaning not top level) who’s no longer with the FBI - Katelyn Polantz
  • Here we have a miserable Ghost reminiscing about how good he was at "innovation". Excuse me Malcolm, but didn't you give us a copper NBN? Also, how about that "Ideas Boom" Apart from uttering "innovative" a million times, you did nothing. #auspol - Mark Jacka
  • Hill's wit and humor were on full display Thursday. And her display of resilience did not go unmissed by viewers. - USA TODAY
  • The Morrison Governments lack of climate action is expensive. But they're not the ones paying the bill. It's farmers who lost their livelihoods, First Nations people whose land has burnt and people who have lost their homes and entire communities. - GetUp!
  • Janet Yellen is concerned the US-China trade war may end the longest economic expansion in American history. "I have to say, the odds of a recession are higher than normal and at a level I'm really frankly not comfortable with." - CNN
  • An Arizona teacher helped immigrants in the desert. A jury decided it wasn't a crime - BuzzFeed News


Adoro essa foto... Não condiz a sociedade em que vivo... É um corpo oprimido. Sem camisa na rua? N

Adoro essa foto... Não condiz a sociedade em que vivo... É um corpo oprimido. Sem camisa na rua? Não pode. Sem padrão, (sutiã)? Anormal. "Mulher macho". Rótulos... Que nojo. ...

TONIGHT @22:30 !! Ξανά πίσω...στον τόπο του εγκλήματος...με Λιαν

TONIGHT @22:30 !! Ξανά πίσω...στον τόπο του εγκλήματος...με Λιανοχορταρούδια ή χωρίς, με πολύ «desire» και «Με Τ...

Yesterday, I was either awesomely dumb or stupidly amazing 👍 🔸 We were supposed to go make Chr

Yesterday, I was either awesomely dumb or stupidly amazing 👍 🔸 We were supposed to go make Christmas decorations at the library at 9.30, but Runa needed to cuddle for a bit ...