Instagram photos and videos #nusret Instagram photos and videos
  • Introducing Nusret Gokce... the butcher with attitude #saltbae - BBC News (World)
  • Venezuela is in the throes of a deep humanitarian and economic crisis President Nicolas Maduro stopped off in Turkey to dine at one of butcher sensation Nusret Gökçe’s Nusr-Et restaurants where he sampled steaks and smoked cigars from a personalized box - Karl Lester M. Yap
  • Celebrity chef Nusret Gokce, better known as "Salt Bae," torched online after videos of him serving steak to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Turkey went viral. - ABC News
  • Famous cartoon artist Edo captures the collective sentiment today by drawing Nusret sprinkling salt on scraps of food Venezuelans have pulled out of a garbage bag #venezuela - Patricia Laya
  • Turkish internet sensation #saltbae @nusr_ett paid a visit by Abu Dhabi Crown Prince - Al Arabiya English
  • MUST SEE picture of chef & internet sensation #saltbae @nusr_ett voting in #turkeyreferendum in his signature style - DNA
  • Sen @marcorubio has pushed for tough Venezuela sanctions, denounced the regime for years on the Senate floor & was even the target of an alleged assassination plot So he was only happy to blast @nusr_ett for obsequiously feeding the country's dictator - Marc Caputo
  • Meme legend Salt Bae was at the Champions League final and rubbed elbows with everyone: - Yahoo Sports
  • Wow, this is a great #munchmadness matchup. Salt Bae's restaurant @nusr_ett against the tournament runner up last year, @MignonetteMIA 1 Mignonette vs. 16 Nusr-et (Salt Bae) - Miami Herald Food
  • #saltbae celebration has reached Mexican soccer @nusr_ett - Adriana Terrazas
  • Is ‘#saltbae’ Chef @nusr_ett taking part in the #frenchelections? - Al Arabiya English
  • The term “Know your audience” apparently didn’t register when @nusr_ett opened his trendy restaurant in #miami: “Salt Bae” has sprinkled some salt in old Cuban wounds — by posing as Fidel Castro.” @Carlos_Frias @MiamiHerald - Tadd Schwartz
  • Journalist arrested for altered image of "The Last Supper" with Salt Bae @nusr_ett - N.K.A.
  • Venezuelans call for protest at celeb chef ‘Salt Bae’s’ Miami restaurant over Maduro videos. #saltbae #brickell #protest #nusretgökçe #nicolasmaduro - CBS4 Miami
  • Perhaps you should stick to Spanish. No one accused Obama of being a “ dictator “ “Fidel Castro: Cuban leader condemned as 'dictator' who presided over executions and human rights abuses”In 1964, Castro acknowledged holding 15,000 political prisoners. - Carlos E Ascanio
  • U.S. accuses Maduro, Venezuelan party official of drug trade profiteering - Carlos E Ascanio
  • Turkish Chef, @nusr_ett (Nusret Gokce), known as Salt Bae Opens Midtown Restaurant - Serhat Cicekoglu
  • No thanks @CaesarsEnt. @nusr_ett should open a spot in Venezuela with his buddy Maduro. - Las Vegas Locally 🌴


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