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  • I'm enjoying this lively & important debate. Read the column and join in > - Piers Morgan
  • Oprah agrees. > - Piers Morgan
  • Twitter pulls racist tweets - Chuck D
  • Maryland State Delegate used the Nword to describe the county that I live in. She said, “I am sickened that a word not in vocabulary came out of my mouth.” The NWord came out of your mouth because it is in your vocabulary. And it makes you a racist. - Dr. Rashawn Ray
  • No harm no foul. But sanders did not say she misspoke when she said she can’t guarantee we will never hear Trump use #nword on tape. - Christopher C. Cuomo
  • Andrew Scheer's Conservative Party dogwhistle to the same people who 60 years ago screamed the NWORD at black kids having a seat at a Woolworth's sandwich bar. Except this time our digital world has these morons and bigots photos recorded forever #cdnpoli - FranklyMyDear
  • Obama uses the #nword - CNN Politics
  • #obama drops N-word to make case U.S. not cured of #racism - The Washington Times
  • [email protected] will send shivers down your spine with this metaphorical #nword sculpture - HuffPost BlackVoices
  • This is why my family doesn’t eat @PapaJohns Don’t support companies or people who don’t support you and clearly tell and show you what they think of you. #nword #racism #papajohns #papajohnspizza - Dr. Rashawn Ray
  • It's almost like the Republicans are all just one Nword away from being a basket of deplorable bigots. Just sayin' - Brave Like Harriet
  • He said what? Why Obama's use of the #nword is shocking - CNN Politics
  • Small towns first ever black police officer who was fired had his SUV sprayed with the Nword - MichaelLoBurgio
  • Now I see what it is. She called another black republican the nword & he got deep in his feelings, called her racist & is demanding her resignation. He's being ridiculous. - Shugah
  • #harvard rescinded admission based on the use of the N-word? Good. What about #reparations2020 for the slaves who built Harvard? #nword #kylekashuv - Uhlume 🇺🇸 A.D.O.S.👊🏽
  • We’re finally getting a politician to say the nword, and it’s not who you’d expect - Festively Dreaming Titus
  • Trump’s statements to black women journalists called ‘particularly insidious’. How many different thinly disguised code words for the #nword has Trump uttered publicly in the last 2 years? #racistinchief #piedpiperofhate - Ed Hull
  • Fox news...POC...assaulted and called an Nword. Anything else? - AdoraDeplorableKat
  • How did this make the mainstream media and even a Twitter mention, but when #cheesecakefactory @Cheesecake employees on Mother's Day threatened an African-American man and called him the #nword it didn't make a mention on @CNN or @MSNBC? - AdoraDeplorableKat