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  • Support for impeachment slips 4 points from October: poll - Laura Ingraham
  • Support for impeachment dropping - Mark R. Levin
  • ”The manufacturing sector lost 23,000 jobs...while the construction sector lost 21,000. The losses were offset in part by an increase of 20,000 jobs working in public administration...” We’re replacing private sector jobs with gov’t jobs. Not a good trend. - Perrin Beatty
  • BREAKING: A staggering 75% *decrease* in illegal border crossings since May due to Trump policies WSJ reports: - 132,000 arrests at border in May - Down to 36,000 in Oct - 75% drop due to Trump policies/reforms TRUMP IMMIGRATION POLICY WORKING: - Benny
  • Our pick of the best science images from last month - Nature News & Comment
  • Hottest summer on record: 2019 Hottest September on record: 2019 Hottest October on record: 2019 There is no time to waste. We must get Donald Trump out of the White House and address the climate emergency. The survival of our planet depends on it. - Joe Biden
  • Another month ranks as the warmest on record: - Rachel Maddow MSNBC
  • Railways' first privately run train posts ₹70 lakh profit in first month of operations: Tejas Express earned a revenue of nearly ₹3.7 crore in October The train has run with an average occupancy of 80-85% since it began operations on 5 October - Amit Paranjape
  • Dear humans, Please, stop burning those fossil fuels now. It's getting really hot in here. Yours, An Overheating Planet Earth #climateemergency - Greenpeace
  • October was the hottest on record globally and now 11,000 scientists from 153 countries are warning of a “catastrophic threat” to humanity, calling for a climate emergency. The facts can no longer be ignored #climatechange #auspol - 🌏 Zali Steggall MP
  • China's credit growth is slowing down more than analysts expected. This has made some more pessimistic on the nation's economy, especially when paired with data showing spiking food costs & deflating industrial prices. - Lisa Abramowicz
  • From June through October, Trump mentioned Obama's name 366 times. Almost all of them were disparaging. During the same period of Obama's presidency, Obama mentioned George W. Bush ONCE: to praise Bush for condemning bigotry against Muslims after 9/11. - Daniel Dale
  • On October 4, Trump claimed he didn’t even know the names of diplomats who had provided damaging information. He named only one diplomat, “highly respected” Sondland. Now Sondland has been dumped into the I-don’t-know-her box: - Daniel Dale
  • FOX Sports delivers powerful digital October with most video views and consumption minutes in its history. : 762 Million video views : 3.9 Billion minutes consumed - FOX Sports PR
  • Question: Now that Adam Schiff is releasing transcripts, will he release transcript of committee's October 4 interview with Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community IG? - Byron York
  • India's power demand fell 13.2% in October from a year ago, posting its steepest monthly decline in over 12 years, reflecting a deepening growth slowdown in Indian economy. #economykeburedin - Ruchira Chaturvedi
  • For the first time in at least 30 years, the U.S. admitted 0 refugees in October. As in zero. There are at least 70 million displaced people around the world. - Mark Elliott
  • This has been the hottest October ever recorded. ICYMI: last September was also the hottest on record. - Extinction Rebellion Belgium
  • This is the fifth straight month with record or near-record heat. - The Wilderness Society 🌳



There are many things that I'd like to say to you, but I don't know how. - Falar, nem sempre falar

There are many things that I'd like to say to you, but I don't know how. - Falar, nem sempre falar é fácil. Falar é difícil ! Nem sempre controlamos o que dizemos, as palavras ...

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