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  • It's the longest such walk ever recorded by a big cat in India, according to researchers - CNN
  • Father of London Bridge attack victim calls Johnson a fraud - The Guardian
  • Job numbers are the "best numbers of our lives" says Jim Cramer as AOC cheers getting back just 6% of the jobs she COST NYC - Tim Pool
  • Boris Johnson condemned in brutal direct attack by London Bridge victim's father: 'He’s the worst of us and he’s taking you for a ride' | The Independent - Hugh Grant
  • Why is there so much chaos? The history of violence offers one possible answer - TIME
  • Terrorist. - Matt Gaetz
  • NDTV winning award for its atrocious, lie-ridden coverage of Kathua case tells us exactly why people hate mainstream media Read how NDTV peddled lies and shameless propaganda after the unfortunate Kathua rape and murder - OpIndia.com
  • The AP this week uncovered a list of Pakistani girls sold as brides in China and told the story of two Kenyan men brought together by an AP article on the front page of a newspaper. Plus, view the top AP photos of 2019. - The Associated Press
  • The presidents free lawyer is extremely busy with the Propaganda and the Criming - Molly Jong-Fast
  • The best thing we can do for our planet is to get Boris Johnson out of Number 10. - Jeremy Corbyn
  • Nearly 2 dozen kindergartners attended the adoption hearing of their classmate, giving testimonials about how much they loved the soon-to-be-adopted boy - The New York Times
  • Note #2 to Nikki Haley: S.C. lawmakers erected the Confederate flag to celebrate defeat of a bill that would have made Lynching black people a Federal crime. - Brent Staples
  • A QAnon follower is accused of killing a Gambino mob boss in Staten Island. He says he did it because the guy was a member of “the deep state" working to undermine Trump. The case "has perplexed law enforcement officials and mob watchers alike." - Caroline Orr
  • Rep. Val Demings, who served 27 years in law enforcement, hits Barr: "The attorney general showed that he simply does not understand the foundational values of modern American policing ... Law enforcement is not a protection racket. It is a sacred charge." - Kyle Griffin
  • Telangana: 78 year-old Sripuram Vishwanatham, who once ran a kirana shop donated his lifetime savings of ₹50 lakh to the armed forces. - Yusuf Unjhawala 🇮🇳
  • After a bone marrow transplant, a man with leukemia found that his donor’s DNA traveled to unexpected parts of his body. A crime lab is now studying the case. - The New York Times
  • 'Friends' and 'Norma Rae' Actor Ron Leibman Dead at 82 of Pneumonia - TMZ
  • A monstrous 75-foot wave was recorded about 20 miles off the coast of Cape Mendocino in northern California, according to the University of California, San Diego's Coastal Data Information Program - CNN International
  • So - only emergencies and cancer surgery for the next FOUR MONTHS at this hospital. Bad luck everyone else. This should be a scandal 5 days before we vote to decide the fate of the #nhs Lets make it one - Keep Our NHS Public


Sometimes no matter how much you try to love and be kind to another they will always find excuses to

Sometimes no matter how much you try to love and be kind to another they will always find excuses to turn your love and caring into disaster due to their own inner suffering. I spe...

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‏ يَا أَبَا ذَرٍّ الذَّاكِرُ فِي الْغَافِلِينَ كَالْم

‏ يَا أَبَا ذَرٍّ الذَّاكِرُ فِي الْغَافِلِينَ كَالْمُقَاتِلِ فِي الْفَارِّينَ. . Prophet Mohammad (ص) ‏: O...