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  • Development of the Teck Frontier mine would be a big economic plus for Alberta and for jobs in our energy industry. We urge the federal government to approve this project without further delay. - Jason Kenney
  • “Against the grain: For Prairie farmers, carbon tax shows how little Ottawa understands their industry” - Pierre Poilievre
  • #kenney says: 'It's about time Ottawa started working for Alberta." Sorry Jason, Ottawa works for Canada, of which #alberta is an important part, but just one part. A part where many appear to have entitlement issues. - Ed the Sock
  • Oh @CBCOttawa, please retire use of the term "Bed Blockers". Those are people's parents, aunties, uncles, etc. - they're not the problem and it's not their fault they are marooned in hospital. #cdnhealth - Alex Munter
  • OPINION | Kenney goes to Ottawa seeking gold, returns with participation medal - CBC Calgary
  • "Bed blockers" is a vile, dehumanizing, term that downloads blame from the system to the patient and journalists and doctors should know better than to use it - Yoni Freedhoff, MD
  • Team Alberta is headed home after we met with Ministers, MPs, Senators, party leaders, & concluded with my meeting the PM this afternoon. We’ve laid groundwork for progress toward a fair deal for Alberta with 5 key points. Now we need to see Ottawa act. - Jason Kenney
  • Sorry, but I’m not interested in my Federal tax dollars paying for 1/2 of Jason Kenney’s $4.7 billion gift to U.S. corporations. | Alberta premier heads to Ottawa asking for $2.4B in fiscal stabilization | CBC News - Larry Hubich
  • "We are inextricably bound to the same space-time continuum and on board the same planetary spaceship." Actually, I'm bound only to reality. I invite Trudeau and his cronies to join the rest of Canadians in the marvelous world outside of Ottawa. #cdnpoli - David Jacobs
  • On health care, premiers should stop begging for more money from Ottawa, demand a permanent transfer of tax points instead, and reassert provincial authority. And then experiment with reforms to solve our horrible wait times problems. BE RESPONSIBLE. - Maxime Bernier
  • The Trudeau government just doesn’t get #cdnag. Take #carbontax off grain drying! - Sen. Denise Batters
  • Ottawa urged to sanction Chinese and Hong Kong officials implicated in human rights abuses /via @globeandmail - Steven Chase
  • Two weeks ago.; " We Don't like Canada any more were leaving. WEXIT ?" This week; Hey Canada, Can we borrow some money? - Eva Lewarne -
  • So @JustinTrudeau never bothered to engage with FNation leaders about how to make a safe system of child welfare work. He is in court trying to quash compensation for kids whose lives have been destroyed. His hopeful words of 2015 seem so long ago. - Charlie Angus NDP
  • The term "bed blocker" is beyond pejorative; it reduces vulnerable human beings, often frail elderly, to being source of blame for a systemic #healthcare system problem. - Maggie Keresteci 🇨🇦
  • As we continue to press Ottawa on a fair deal for Alberta, the next few weeks will determine the seriousness of the federal government‘s desire to respond to the deep, legitimate concerns in Western Canada. - Jason Kenney
  • Politics Insider for Dec. 3: Premiers agreed they'd all like more federal money, Trudeau plane mishap and some Alberta conservatives are done with Scheer - Maclean's Magazine
  • UPDATED: Appeal court orders new trial for Ottawa man, ex-lover convicted in murder of Jagtar Gill - Global Ottawa
  • 'It's about time Ottawa started working for Alberta,' Kenney says, touting a 5-point plan - - Jason Kenney


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El Parlamento de Canadá es el órgano que ejerce el poder legislativo del país. Está localizado e

El Parlamento de Canadá es el órgano que ejerce el poder legislativo del país. Está localizado en una Colina en la capital del país, Ottawa (Ontario).Originalmente, el sitio ...

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🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYBODY🎉 (07/12/2019) 🧡 Thanks for having us y’all✌️Tag yr friends!!! First Saturday of Every Month ☮️🎶🎯(More pics at facebook.com/modnit...