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  • I'm not sure what to think about this cute scripted WSJ Pai elevator interview. Wish they'd asked him about why the FCC has done nothing about location data scandals, SIM hijack scandals, predatory fees, bogus "unlimited data," plans, etc etc etc - Karl Bode
  • Pretty sure @AjitPaiFCC never wants to run into me in the elevator again - Joanna Stern
  • So yeah, people who say "the FCC repealed #netneutrality and the internet didn't implode so it must not have been bad" are just advertising they're gullible and uninformed. @dellcam also had a good piece on this new reality back in June: - Karl Bode
  • UN tears into Tory-led austerity as 'ideological project causing pain and misery' in devastating report on UK poverty crisis | The Independent Getting on for a year since this report- the Tories still ignore it and poverty continues to rise. #gtto #jc4pm - Julie Harrington #VoteLabour🌹#JC4PM🌹
  • Ayodhya verdict: Anand Mahindra appreciates 5 judges for 'extraordinary courage', Mohandas Pai pleased, Far... - 🇮🇳 Padmaja
  • FCC Chairman Ajit Pai argues a patchwork of state regs is bad for business  CNET - Internet Privacy
  • Menina de 11 anos é estuprada pelo próprio pai e está grávida de 7 meses - UOL
  • Kaysar Dadour posta foto com o pai, e semelhança impressiona - UOL TV e Famosos
  • Huawei with you! FCC's American Pai proposes rip-and-replace of scary Chinese comms kit - Canny Clever Ltd
  • Sources: Waiters ate edible, had pai cannot sleepnic attack - Marc Goldman
  • Vietnamese migrants are not ‘lured’ by traffickers. They just want a better future | Hsiao-Hung Pai - William Gomes
  • Theo Becker será pai pela segunda vez - Jornal Extra
  • Madhukar Pai discusses the long-standing history of foreign experts leading health research projects in low- and middle-income countries and how this imbalance of power and lack of local perspectives can prevent real progress from happening on the ground. - Hesperian Health
  • ETAuto | We saw 6% degrowth in aluminium demand from 7% growth in Q1: Satish Pai, Hindalco - ET Auto
  • US Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) wrote a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in August after learning of a Frontier customer who was forced to pay a $10-per-month rental fee for a router despite buying his own router. - Bruno J. Navarro
  • @KurlonLimited Kudos for the Most Pathetic Customer Service Division. A complaint of 3.10.2019 is yet to be addressed despite numerous calls and mails. In other news, Kurlon MD talks about Customer Satisfaction and tackling Customer Grievances - Bhavarth Sheth
  • New manifesto being released shortly I really don't believe that labour can cause as much carnage to the people of our country. The Tories have done that all by themselves - Tracey tebbutt🌹✊️❤️✌️
  • 'Why I will remain on Twitter despite joining Mastodon' Nitin Pai @acorn, director of Takshashila Institution, writes #theprintopinion - ThePrint


เราไม่โทษหรอก ที่รูปตอนวิ่งของเราอ

เราไม่โทษหรอก ที่รูปตอนวิ่งของเราออกมาหน้าตาบิดเบี้ยวแบบนั้น. ...

Pai de menino: como evitar a masculinidade tóxica Incentivar o filho a ser “macho”, “pegador

Pai de menino: como evitar a masculinidade tóxica Incentivar o filho a ser “macho”, “pegador”, “a não levar desaforo para casa”, “ a dar porrada” é um meio de e...

"Ontem, num sonho, Oxóssi me segurou no braço e me disse que eu não tivesse pressa, que respirasse, que diminuísse a frequência, mas que nunca parasse. Bom ouvinte, sentei ao...

A mãe que nunca se sentiu aliviada ao ver seu bebê se acalmar somente depois de lhe entregar a chu

A mãe que nunca se sentiu aliviada ao ver seu bebê se acalmar somente depois de lhe entregar a chupeta, que atire a primeira pedra. Para muitos pais, esse é o recurso mais util...

Pai faz sucesso em ensaio com o filho

Pai faz sucesso em ensaio com o filho "A bandeira representa a proteção aos nossos filhos" 👶 O catarinense Fernando, que é Oficial da Marinha Mercante, conta que queria ter u...


"just because I have #acne doesn’t mean I can feel these things or see other things that aren’t my acne, scars or facial hair. acne I feel can sometimes stop us from seeing the...