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  • Peter Pan’s dark side emerges with release of original manuscript - The Guardian
  • Arthur Fraser: set up a parallel intelligence network (PAN) and colluded with Mkhwebane to capture Reserve Bank. Is this not treason (which is the act of betraying your country)? Disgrace that he is still a DG in government. - Jacques Pauw
  • American gold medalist kneels during national anthem at the Pan Am Games - James E. Sanders Jr
  • OK but the reporting here is a *little* misleading. Scholars have known this MS for decades (it's not newly discovered; its in NY Library) and it's only one of many different versions of the story Barrie worked on. This is a publishing puff, not a scoop. - Adam Roberts
  • Garrett Hedlund Arrives at Pan New York Premiere - Celebrity Hottest News
  • ‘I’m reading ‘Peter Pan’ [for the first time] because I only ever saw the film. It’s as if Lacan had written a novel.’ - Chris
  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom has rejected a bankruptcy restructuring plan by PG&E, saying it "falls woefully short" of safety standards mandated under state law. - NPR
  • Lost your PAN card? Get a replacement for Rs 50 - CA Kuldeep Arora
  • December 31 Last Date To Link Aadhaar With PAN. Here's How To Do It Online - NDTV Profit
  • House where Peter Pan began is one of the world’s ‘coolest places’ - HeHisSelf
  • DreamHack Delhi 2019: PUBG Mobile ‘Pan Fest’, here’s everything you need to know - The Indian Express - Vine Coloring Book
  • Yeah of return deez nutz! PAN AFRICANIST WERE YALL AT??? LOL - djsegwon
  • Great piece by David Starkey: "He is a grizzled Peter Pan, a political child-man who, despite his 70 years and white hair, refuses to grow up. Trapped in his early 20s, he is imprisoned in the worldview of a bolshie, not very bright, gap-year student." - Paul Dubz QC
  • PAN-Aadhaar interchangeability: 6 instances where you can use Aadhaar number instead of PAN - Himanshu Painuly
  • Read this good article carefully. The gist of it is that the economy has slowed down - not because of Govt policies - but because of the difficulty of spending cash illegally, as most transactions have to be transparent as linked with Adhaar or Pan cards - Francois Gautier
  • Jeff Van Drew represents NJ-2, the same district in southern New Jersey that noted Nixon loyalist Charlie Sandman held during Watergate. Van Drew might want to remember that standing loyally by the president didn't pan out for his predecessor. At all. - Kevin M. Kruse
  • PODCAST | The Wemmer Pan Serial Killer. - Times LIVE
  • Link your PAN card with Aadhaar by December 31 or face these risks @UIDAI #aadhaar #pan - India TV
  • The idea of promising to serve only one term, as floated by some of former Vice President Joe Biden's advisers, didn't go over well with Democrats in the Senate. - HuffPost Politics


☺︎ panと足🦶🏻 日向ぼっこ☀️ mugiと違って👶🏻には興味なし、 ビビ

☺︎ panと足🦶🏻 日向ぼっこ☀️ mugiと違って👶🏻には興味なし、 ビビってる感じで 近づこうともしない(^^;) ・ 今年も残り半月... ...

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