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  • The issue is whether the trade pars will cause even a small erosion in support for Trump in tightly-contested states. As I reported here: PA lost more than 8k manufacturing jobs in the first 7 months of this year. 5/ - Shawn Donnan
  • Just making sure everyone's PARs are updated. Nothing to see here, folks. - John Schindler
  • Pars the stars as Woodland keeps U.S. Open lead - Reuters
  • Am I being persnickety? 14 pars on a coalition $60 million bush apprenticeships promise - Liberal, Liberal, Liberal, One Nation, One Nation, anit-Labor, anti-Labor - and a final 15th-par footnote of a $1 billion Labor TAFE & apprenticeship policy - Michael Pascoe
  • Iran's Rouhani inaugurates four new phases of South Pars gas field - Reuters
  • Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh says that China’s National Petroleum Company has pulled out of developing phase 11 of Iran’s South Pars gas field, Reuters reports, citing SHANA news agency. - Al Arabiya English
  • CNPC suspends investment in Iran's South Pars after U.S. pressure: sources - Reuters
  • Special Olympics Athlete Invited To Play Hole With PGA Stars, She Pars!!! - TMZ
  • Special Olympian Pars Notoriously Difficult Golf Course Hole — and the Crowd Goes Wild: Watch - People
  • Dustin Johnson pars the 18th. Brooks Koepka bogeys the 17th and he has a lead of two going up the last. #uspga Championship live: - BBC Sport
  • Breaking: A platform of the South Pars gas field in the Arabian Gulf, the world’s largest, caught fire, Iran’s Oil Ministry Website said, but no fatalities were reported. - Al Arabiya English
  • The last two pars of this are an absolute treasure - Aditya Chakrabortty
  • Fascinating long read (and it is long) about Liverpool's team of analysts, their role in identifying players to sign and how they are influencing the team's development. (NB: contains a few nut pars which probably aren't for UK/Irish football fans) #lfc - Sam Munnery
  • It’s just the Logies, I said. Nothing at all will happen, I said. Sure I’ll watch it and write a few pars, I said. - steph harmon
  • From the “first pars you never think you’ll write” file. From bank heist plot to getaway driver, drinking too much & being told she’d never play footy again after a close-shave with death...to AFLW. “I just want to prove so many people wrong.” #gotiges - Lauren Wood
  • The rising Green morality is going to rival the old religious moralities for judgementalism. So many aspects of our lives will come in for intense scrutiny. Just read the first four pars of this. - David Quinn
  • Revised the final pars for you - - Michael Pascoe
  • Three pars before you hit the paywall but this morsel is all you need. Britain is royally forked. Brexit uncertainty ‘costing £600m a week’ | News | The Times - Dennis Atkins
  • As @officialdafc went 5 in an row at the weekend here’s a story for every pars fan to enjoy #coyp - Craig Rodgie


. پژو ۴۰۵ ام ای شانزده 4×4 حجم موتور: (1905cc)2.0litr تعداد سیلند

. پژو ۴۰۵ ام ای شانزده 4×4 حجم موتور: (1905cc)2.0litr تعداد سیلندر: 4 تعداد سوپاپ:16 قدرت موتور: (max rpm 7200)160hp@6500rpm...

👇سیستم مکش هوای پژو دویست و شش تیپ پنج و دویست و هفت و ر

👇سیستم مکش هوای پژو دویست و شش تیپ پنج و دویست و هفت و رانا👇 سیستم مکش هوای حرفه ای تورنادو پیشرو د...

زیپ لاین پولادکف سال گذشته پلمپ شده بود و مالک آن با سوا

زیپ لاین پولادکف سال گذشته پلمپ شده بود و مالک آن با سواستفاده از بارش برف ، مجدد از آن استفاده کرده ...