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  • Despite New England’s offensive struggles and any speculation, Patriots will not be brining back Antonio Brown, per sources. - Adam Schefter
  • The @Patriots will not be re-signing Antonio Brown even with their recent struggles, sources told @AdamSchefter. - SportsCenter
  • The Patriots can technically miss the playoffs! They have to lose out and: in week 15: Titans beat the Texans in week 16: Titans beat the Saints Texans beat the Bucs in week 17: Bills beat the Jets Steelers beat the Ravens Texans beat the Titans - SB Nation
  • 1. blowing a Travis Kelce fumble dead before it could be returned 2. whistling N'Keal Harry out of bounds on a TD pass when he wasn't 3. not calling an obvious PI on a late third down tonight was a rough one for the "Patriots get all the calls" crowd - Christian D'Andrea
  • The Patriots were denied two touchdowns in today’s game against the Chiefs because officials made incorrect calls. Here’s how. - The Boston Globe
  • #chiefs Patrick Mahomes say his injured right hand limited some of his deep throws, but the quarterback gutted out the injury in the team's milestone win in New England. - Matt Derrick
  • Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, and the Patriots are still not interested in bringing back Antonio Brown - ProFootballTalk
  • Today we'll represent the causes closest to our hearts: - New England Patriots
  • Ready to rep some pretty special causes today. Bid on our #mycausemycleats with proceeds benefitting players' respective charities: - New England Patriots
  • After 6 months of protests Carrie Lam, pro-Beijing tycoons, ex-CEs all seem to think patriotic education is the fix. “It’s a must, it’s a must, the question now is execution...How many people in Hong Kong actually even understand how the nation is run?” - Timothy McLaughlin
  • More officiating madness: Patriots get two touchdowns taken away on terrible calls - TheUrbanNewz
  • Very simple question.Everyone have the right to criticise or condemn the headline of any newspaper but why these “patriots” who staged a protest against Dawn newspaper never disclosed their names and identity?Who rented these “unknown” protesters? - Hamid Mir
  • Quick-hit thoughts/notes around the Patriots & NFL (like 2014, it's Chiefs then ''On to Cincinnati"; Tom Brady's tight-window throws; Bill Belichick/Nick Saban; Julian Edelman still growing; Belichick's feet will tell a story; navy all-blue uniforms etc.). - Mike Reiss
  • Week 14 Power Rankings: 1. @Ravens 2. @Seahawks 3. @49ers 4. @Saints 5. @Patriots 6. @packers 7-32: - NFL
  • #ravens have 96% chance to earn top seed in AFC after win over Bills, Patriots loss @wjz - Rachel Menitoff
  • Instant Analysis: Yes, the officiating was bad. But the Patriots lost because their offense is atrocious - Ben Volin
  • Kicker Nick Folk (appendix) is set to re-sign with the Patriots on Saturday (first reported by @RapSheet). - Mike Reiss
  • The Patriots don't need the No. 1 offense in the NFL. They don't need a top-five offense. They just need to be better than this. (Posted the wrong link earlier MY BAD. I need to be better than that.) - Michael Hurley
  • Outrageous and a good time to remind people that The Patriot Act passed with bipartisan, near-unanimous support. - Nick Gillespie




“The NFL is never going back to the way it was. The passing game is king and will be from now unti

“The NFL is never going back to the way it was. The passing game is king and will be from now until the end of time, and teams built with an outdated run-first approach in mind w...