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  • This Pekingese puppy is taking the Internet by storm - Daily Mail US
  • As China's Year of the Dog begins, imperial Pekingese breed is scarce - Reuters
  • Pekingese and Shih Tzus rescued from "deplorable" conditions at hoarder home need help: - CTV Vancouver
  • Meet Eric, the tiny Pekingese at Crufts who stole the nation's heart - The Telegraph
  • Eric the Pekingese stole the nation's heart at Crufts last year: but where is he now? - The Telegraph
  • The internet thinks this Pekingese was robbed at the National Dog Show - Mashable
  • From courtly dogs stolen by Western armies during the Second Opium War to a local breed fading from view, a short history of China's imperial Pekingese - Reuters
  • With pet owners preferring foreign breeds such as poodles and Chihuahuas, China's imperial Pekingese are becoming scarce - Reuters
  • Pet Pekingese is the spitting image of fluffy monster from Swinton Insurance adverts - Daily Mail U.K.
  • Pekingese Shih Tzu reunited with owner one year after gas explosions rocked Merrimack Valley - The Boston Globe
  • A 14-year-old Pekingese-Shih Tzu mix that ran away in the chaotic aftermath of a gas explosion and fire in Massachusetts in 2018 returned to its owner this week. - New York Daily News
  • Joss Whedon upsets fans by calling Ivanka Trump a 'Pekingese' - Yahoo
  • People couldn't handle the Crufts hero that was Eric the Pekingese dog - Metro
  • #update: Falcor, the badly-abused Pekingese, has had his current medical costs now covered by donations. - CTV Vancouver
  • If you haven't taken my "Which Pekingese of Instagram Are You?" quiz yet, now's the perfect time! - M📎tch L🖇fl📎n
  • Civilization? Anyone grasp how animal lovers rationalise breeding when all 50 popular dog breeds physically suffer: deformed bones (Bulldogs); difficulty seeing (Poodle); hearing (Dalmatian); breathing (Pekingese) &c? Just askin' @ALDF @NonhumanRights - Stephen Corry
  • "As the waters rose during the worst of Hurricane Katrina, Broom’s older brother Carl, who also goes by Rabbit, stood in an attic with a meat cleaver, a gun and his two Pekingese dogs, Mindy and Tiger." Sarah's memoir out tomorrow! See us 8/28 @GDBookShop - Maurice Carlos Ruffin
  • Talking about Robert Pattinson and giant Pekingese puppies (plus the week's other big releases) on @BBCRadioLondon at 11.10! Catch it here: - Beth Webb
  • “Trump has loosed a rabid and foaming Rudolph W. Giuliani on Mueller, to no more effect than a Pekingese yipping at a Greyhound bus.” - Putin's Clown Prince


Orson från Puppia är ett snyggt och multifunktionellt hundtäcke som värmer gott på kalla promen

Orson från Puppia är ett snyggt och multifunktionellt hundtäcke som värmer gott på kalla promenader. Det här täcket behöver man inte dra över huvudet. Du sticker bara i h...

11月14日 ミルキーカレンダーが届いたよ❤️ ミルキーママさん、パパさん

11月14日 ミルキーカレンダーが届いたよ❤️ ミルキーママさん、パパさん、ありがとうございます❤️ * * 表紙だけ 蘭蘭も参加させて...

今日の夕散歩🐕 ・ 🧑🏻👧🏻🐶でいつもの河川敷へ🚲🚲 ・ めっちゃ

今日の夕散歩🐕 ・ 🧑🏻👧🏻🐶でいつもの河川敷へ🚲🚲 ・ めっちゃ寒くて強風でしたが、わたまるは気持ちよさそうに走ってい...

☻☾ なぜかわざわざちっちゃいベッドに寝る😴 頭はみ出るのに~😂笑 頭

☻☾ なぜかわざわざちっちゃいベッドに寝る😴 頭はみ出るのに~😂笑 頭はみ出るから柴犬のお人形を 枕がわりに……🤡👍🏽笑 𓇼...

@ha.ri.no.ki さんにオーダーしてたバッグが届きました❤️❤️❤️ . どうし

@ha.ri.no.ki さんにオーダーしてたバッグが届きました❤️❤️❤️ . どうしよう、可愛すぎてツライ...😭❤️ 個展で忙しい中、本当に...