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  • Moments after tipping the burnt remains of his family home onto the footpath outside NSW Parliament, Aaron Crowe declared now was precisely the right time to talk about climate change. - Heather McNab
  • Half of young people believe high school degree is enough for good-paying job - CBS News
  • This is how Industry is planning on killing most of the health studies of the past: putting more of a burden on the people to prove a chemical is harming them. - Mark Ruffalo
  • In America, many socially conservative old people have died and liberal millennials are replacing them at the ballot box - The Economist
  • It is a disgrace that people who have served their country are being deported. What's worse is that they are not being given the due process they are entitled to! Honor Deported Vets! Bring Them Home! #veteransday - California Endowment
  • "Did people die?" Nikki Haley mocks Rex Tillerson, John Kelly opposition to Trump foreign policy moves - Newsweek
  • #breaking: Sportsnet fires Don Cherry over 'you people' comments targeting immigrants - CP24
  • THREAD The worst lockdown in more than 70 years of conflict in Kashmir has entered its 100th day. On August 5, India revoked the region's special status. These photos depict the life of Kashmiri people suffering under the lockdown: - Al Jazeera English
  • in what universe does that even make sense? Barnaby Joyce: "the crazy thing there, and I acknowledge that the two people who died were most likely people who voted for the Green party, so I am not going to start attacking them" - Susan Metcalfe
  • At USDA, Sonny Perdue has filled the senior ranks with lobbyists, industry executives, and people he's done business with in the past. Basically the opposite of draining the Swamp. - Chris Lu
  • Forest clearing has forced hungry chimps to raid villagers’ crops. At times, chimps kill children, and villagers kill chimps - National Geographic
  • Don Cherry blames "those people" for interpreting "you people" as something racist: - Jonathan Goldsbie
  • The Supreme Court hears arguments today over DACA and the legal status of some 700,000 young people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as kids. Here's what you need to know - NPR
  • Energy Sec Rick Perry, one of the people running the President’s Ukraine policy outside of regular channels, pushed a longtime supporter as an advisor to Ukraine’s president. Soon after, he and another Perry supporter got a lucrative gas deal from Ukraine. - Noah Bookbinder
  • VETERANS DAY TRIBUTE: People unfurl a massive American flag over a suspension bridge in Tennessee. - CBS News
  • Facebook bug has camera activated while people are using the app - CNET News
  • One revelation of the impeachment inquiry depositions is how anti-semitic conspiracy theories about George Soros are being used to harass and defame people in the national security bureaucracy. - Michelle Goldberg
  • An incredibly bright #fireball lit up the sky over St. Louis last night. The meteor was so bright that people reportedly saw it as far away as Chicago, Minneapolis and Oklahoma City: - AccuWeatherAstronomy
  • The Supreme Court said today that a survivor and relatives of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting can pursue their lawsuit against the maker of the rifle used to kill 26 people - POLITICO