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  • Duncan Hunter—who admitted to using hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations for personal expenditures like airfare for his pet rabbits—will collect more than $10,000 in taxpayer funds by delaying his resignation until “after the holidays.” - Citizens for Ethics
  • Patient Pet Owner Gets Her 17 Cats and Dogs to Pose for Photo Together: 'I Was So Thrilled' - People
  • Republican Rep. Duncan Hunter spent upwards of $45,000 from his campaign on personal expenditures — including $625 on flights for a pet rabbit, according to a House Ethics Committee report. - Kyle Griffin
  • Four years after @Mathieu_Era made a video showing the dangers of leaving pets in a hot car, he goes to the other extreme, spending time in a freezer to demonstrate the importance of keeping pets out of the cold - ProFootballTalk
  • Three Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Someone a Pet for Christmas - People
  • On the ham: A potbellied pig named Biscuit is heading home after police found the little oinker outside a South Carolina restaurant. The pig had escaped from his family, who were vacationing from North Carolina. - AP Oddities
  • How old is your pet in human years? The answer is a little complicated, according to a vet - TIME
  • all your viral pet favs are dying, and you're not ready for it - Abby Ohlheiser
  • Bingo. Ultimately they are weak little men following Putin's pet - Jennifer Rubin
  • JUST BROWSING: This Louisiana police officer and his horse, Misfit, got a little Christmas shopping done at their local pet store. - ABC News
  • Duncan Hunter spent $625 on 'flights for a pet rabbit,' report shows - CNNPolitics - David P Gelles
  • Corwen pet owner takes paw-trait with 17 cats and dogs - BBC News (UK)
  • Some pet owners are leaving their gates or doors open so their animals will escape and then be housed in shelters over the summer holidays instead of booking them into boarding kennels and catteries. - The Age
  • Tourism drives tiger breeding in the U.S., where many roadside zoos and other businesses charge guests to pet and pose with cubs. - National Geographic
  • We can't all be Jane Goodall, but we can copy her daily routines. - Fast Company
  • How old is my dog in dog years? A vet explains how your pet ages - Quartz
  • Pet insurance has been one of the fastest-growing insurance products in recent years - The Wall Street Journal
  • Cat vs dogs guide to help you decide in the better pet for you - Miranda Williamson
  • The African grey parrot is an intelligent animal capable of mimicking human speech, which can live in captivity up to the age of 60. It has been a sought-after pet since biblical times, a factor which threatens the bird’s long-term existence (free to read) - Financial Times


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. . 트리를 보고있는 후추 불안하지만, 널 믿어보겠어 매일밤 기도를하지 트리가 다음날 무사하길🙏 . . 너가 입에 물고 도망간, 장식용...

* Tara with a foraging toy . I took a day off and went to a bird seminar today. We learned about for

* Tara with a foraging toy . I took a day off and went to a bird seminar today. We learned about foraging for pet birds. I think we, caretakers, have got a responsibility to provid...