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  • Legendary photographer Robert Freeman, who shot some of the most recognized Beatles’ album covers, has died at 82. "Besides being a great professional he was imaginative and a true original thinker," Sir Paul McCartney said in tribute. - New York Daily News
  • FIDDLING MCVEY: Esther McVey claimed £8,750 in expenses for personal photographer. This story is from June 2019, but just a reminder of how hypocritical and darn right cheeky she is. She has helped implement Universal Credits whilst thousands are starving. - Paul Ashworth
  • Photographer Rachael Talibart used telescopic lenses and an ultra-fast 1,000 frames/second shutter speed to capture the towers and troughs of foam-flecked seawater during Storm Imogen in February of 2016. You probably haven't seen waves like this before: - WIRED
  • £8750 of taxpayers money to get publicity photos - is that what you want your taxes spent on? #esthermcvey #tatton #timeforchange #votetactically - Simon Bye 🎪🔶
  • Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have paid tribute to the photographer behind some of The Beatles most famous album covers, who has died aged 82 - Sky News
  • "I walked about 15 miles before I realized I was going the wrong way," writes photographer Sam Parkes. "But I’m pleased I did; I'd never have taken this image without making that mistake." - National Geographic
  • Lisette Poole chronicled the migration journey of two Cuban women as they traversed 13 countries and 10 borders over about 8,000 miles. Regardless of who migrates —or where they go — she says she believes nobody does so "just because they feel like it." - NPR
  • For the best chance of experiencing the enchantment of the northern and southern lights, consider these tips from photographer Babak Tafreshi - National Geographic
  • This landscape photographer treks into the remote canyons of Kyrgyzstan for the expedition of a lifetime - CNN
  • Moneta Sleet: The great black photographer you may've never heard of - Bim Adewunmi
  • Robert Freeman, who photographed the Beatles for their albums, died on Nov. 6. “There was no makeup, hairdresser or stylist — just myself, the Beatles and a camera,” he wrote in a 2003 book about his stark picture on “With the Beatles." - The New York Times
  • As a photographer accustomed to covering conflict, Lynsey Addario discusses her experiences working in tense and unforgiving environments - National Geographic
  • Swedish wildlife photographer Bjorn Persson is collecting human fingernails to replace rhino horns in Chinese and Vietnamese medicine in the hope of bringing to an end the poaching of endangered animals. - Horst Lubnow
  • Black rhinos are critically endangered. Southern white rhinos are near threatened. So this photographer decided to take beautiful pictures of them to help advocate for their ongoing protection: - CNN
  • A French photographer has accused the director Roman Polanski of violently raping her in 1975 in his ski chalet in Switzerland when she was 18. She's the 6th woman to publicly accuse Polanski of sexually abusing her as a teenager. - The New York Times
  • This shot comes from photographer Sean Scott off a remote West Australian beach. He was flying his drone over a large school of bait fish that was attracting whaler sharks and managed to get this shot with two sharks inside a wave - Massimo
  • These are the photographers changing the face of the fashion world. - Refinery29 UK
  • Photographers around the globe capture Monday’s rare Mercury transit: - AccuWeather
  • The photographer Hashem Shakeri captures the eerie quiet of satellite towns outside Tehran, built by the Iranian government in response to a housing shortage. “Most of the people who came there had lost something in their lives,” Shakeri said. - The New Yorker


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