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  • "I fear that we will now see a feeding frenzy on the Woodford carcass by the City vultures and hyenas, leaving only bones for the small shareholders to pickover.” - Taha Lokhandwala
  • publish or perish - T-600
  • @pickover Found an article that would immensely interest you! - Son of Sun
  • Very cool; many more at - Michael Levin
  • An article via @pickover - manasataramgini
  • The Spanish teacher inspired by Ramanujan. - Dilip D'Souza
  • You mean live at Hudson Yards? - Rita J. King
  • source: - Andrew Werth
  • RT pickover "Glimpse the past. Southwest Airlines flight attendant, 1972. Hot pants/boots required. - Petro Kolosov
  • While I admitted overlooked the repeated “the,” the #oxfordcomma is NOT a mistake! (Note that the tweet refers to finding ONE mistake.) Here’s one case in which it was particularly important to use it: - John Sweeney
  • I do this every morning while shaving. "Philosopher-cat explores the nature of reality, identity, mind, and its place in the vast space-time cosmos that we call home." - Mathematician Clifford Pickover @BoingBoing - Will Montes-Pack 🐿
  • Cool, but THIS is the octopodian tour de force - Paulo Mendes, MD
  • A five-layer interchange in Chongqing, China, completed in May 2017, - piman
  • Hope you'll get a chance to watch the new documentary on her remarkable life on @PBSAmerMasters this Sunday, May 18th. From all of us who worked so hard to bring Hedy's story to life in this film - enjoy! - Katherine Drew
  • Another delight (thx Harlan Brothers): multiply numbers on each row. For each row, multiply the products of row above and row below, and divide that by the square of the product of the row in hand. As you progress, the result approaches e. e's here again, - Dilip D'Souza
  • There are lots of versions of this puzzles - I own the top one from the article, had never seen the bottom one before. - Granite Geek
  • By @pickover ! Cat trips out on the nature of reality, identity, and spacetime - miquelduran
  • The implication of these type graphs is that people died very young, but that isn’t the case. Infant mortality brings down the average life expectancy. If they survived childhood, people still lived fairly long lives thousands of years ago. - John T. Johnson 🧠 Luctor et Emergo
  • "The legal trade is being used to launder illegal products," Michele Pickover, the director of the EMS Foundation, told ABC News in a recent telephone interview. "They're supposed to be reducing demand and, here, South Africa is sort of pushing... - Nashville Animal Advocacy


What will keep him warm tonight? His “FURry” costume that I bought for Halloween that I forgot t

What will keep him warm tonight? His “FURry” costume that I bought for Halloween that I forgot to use on Halloween. Well I had a tech rehearsal that night, oops there’s alwa...