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  • RIP to guy who’s picture is on the wall of every pizza place worth eating at - Tim Dillon
  • With The Wolf Among Us 2 officially re-announced at The Game Awards, we explain Telltale Games' complex shut down and recent "revival." - IGN
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  • Looking back tearfully but gratefully. The culminating episode of six seasons of #madamsecretary is streaming now. - Madam Secretary
  • JUST IN: Danny Aiello, who starred in "Do the Right Thing" among dozens of other films over a career that spanned nearly 50 years, has died, his family confirmed. He was 86. - ABC News
  • 5 states, unwilling to implement citizenship law, don’t have a choice: MHA (report by @neerajwriting) - Hindustan Times
  • "Warner Bros. is open to strange." Greta Gerwig offers a small tease about the big-screen adaptation of Barbie, starring Margot Robbie as the iconic doll, that she and Noah Baumbach are working on together - The Hollywood Reporter
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  • Trump hosts pastor who says Jews are going to hell at White House Hanukkah party - The Hill
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  • Al Gore: Democrats should run on the Green New Deal - The Hill


Дали. Узбекистан 🎨 Орешников Виктор Михайлович ___________

Дали. Узбекистан 🎨 Орешников Виктор Михайлович _______________________________________________________________________________________ #ar...

Fai vedere quello che non c'è!⠀ Presenta al tuo pubblico prodotti e ambienti non ancora realizzat

Fai vedere quello che non c'è!⠀ Presenta al tuo pubblico prodotti e ambienti non ancora realizzati. ⠀ L'obiettivo del cliente era quello di avere a disposizione, virtualmente,...

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في زحمةِ الأفكار إلّا إِنّي ‏لازلتُ أَسألني كثيراً عن

في زحمةِ الأفكار إلّا إِنّي ‏لازلتُ أَسألني كثيراً عني ‏لازلتُ أبحثُ في حقيقةِ نشأتي ‏عَمّا يُس...