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  • Call IT was IT is... HUMAN TRAFFICKING. All around us. #stop = Stop Trafficking Of people - slow demand, stop slavery, rehabilitate people #alliancetoendhumantrafficking - Lynn Shaw
  • Introducing Studs: A piercing studio meant to appeal to a conscious Millennial and Gen-Z customer. - Vogue Magazine
  • Every question you have about getting a cartilage piercing answered. - InStyle
  • NEW COLUMN! My mid-life piercing is a flash of rebellion. - Susanna Reid
  • Meet a new concept that's the Glossier of piercing studios (and a far cry from Claire’s). - Vogue Runway
  • An Arizona man pleaded guilty Tuesday in a U.S. court in Nevada to illegally manufacturing tracer and armor-piercing bullets found in a hotel room where a gunman carried out the Las Vegas Strip massacre two years ago. - Stars and Stripes
  • Septum Piercing 101: The Pain Level, Healing Time, Risks, and More - Pierre Darrot
  • Las Vegas: Arizona man, 57, pleads guilty to making/selling tracer and armor-piercing ammo to the Las Vegas massacre shooter. - Alain41
  • Douglas Haig, 57, of Mesa, Arizona, admitted he made ammunition without a license. Haig came under investigation when armor-piercing bullets found inside Stephen Paddock's hotel room had Haig's fingerprints on them. - M. Jennings
  • Douglas Haig, 57, who sold armor-piercing bullets to the gunman who killed almost 60 people in Las Vegas in 2017 pleaded guilty to manufacturing ammunition without a license in his Arizona home. - New York Daily News
  • Studs, a new earring startup, offers piercing and "earscapes" - Fast Company - The Global Centre for Risk and Innovation
  • Congrats @labubs! I will never get my ears pierced - - Chris Black
  • Inside Studs, New York’s Kaia Gerber-Approved Piercing Studio | Vogue - Nancy
  • Can someone do the Toronto version of this? No Glossier comparisons required. Introducing Studs: The Glossier of Piercing Studios (And a Far Cry From Claire’s) - Lesa Hannah
  • Arizona man who sold ammo to Las Vegas gunman pleads guilty Why does an every day citizen need Armor-piercing bullets except to KILL MASSES OF PEOPLE? - Sharyn I Ginsberg
  • Studs is making piercing a less-intimidating, more affordable, and fashion-forward experience. - Co.Design
  • With $3 million in funding, Studs is a one-stop shop for earrings and piercing—or, in the words of its founders, “earscsapes.” - we are UP
  • Towers of Secrecy: Piercing the Shell Companies - Mary Ellen Joy Belding
  • I honestly never thought piercing was a “ripe for disruption/startup” thing, but here we are. At least they don’t use piercing guns. - novus, bringer of doom, petter of pups


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